I’m Shona – thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.

I’m a life and weight loss coach.

I’ve had several different occupations all of which involve working with and trying to help people. I’ve worked as a:  a nurse, a counsellor, an aid worker, a charity project manager, a support worker at a women’s refuge and as a personal trainer.

I feel most myself when I’m outdoors in the wild. Particular passions are hill walking, hill running and road biking. I live in the Inverness in the beautiful Scottish Highlands – the perfect playground for outdoor adventures.

I also love writing, doodling, weight training, connecting with people, eating and drinking all the good things!   As a sociable introvert, I often need to retreat and recharge my ‘Shona powers’ in my cosy little home.



My approach to life coaching has been informed by my training through Martha Beck Life Coaching,  my Diploma in Person Centred Counselling as well my qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I follow an evidence based approach whilst having a respect for the wonder and mystery of our unfolding lives.

I’ve a background in Personal Training. My huge frustration at my self for emotional eating and my lack of ability to help client lose weight through conventional methods led me to further study nutritional and behavioural approaches to weight loss.

I’m convinced that most of us don’t do well on diets long term. I work with clients who have difficultly controlling their eating through a habits based approach and I use tools from coaching and from Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

It is my passion to work with you to help you move towards freedom in your life. This could be freedom from body image or weight concerns. It could be related to your working or personal life.

For years I lived as a prisoner to my own thinking. I had self limiting beliefs coming out of my ears.

I wasn’t thin enough.

I wasn’t disciplined enough.

I wasn’t clever enough.

I wasn’t good enough.

I was too single!

I wasn’t enough.

Through counselling, self coaching and the love of others I’m now more than enough and I hardly recognise my old self.

Do you ever feel this way? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could lose these self limiting beliefs and step into freedom? If you are prepared to work with me on your thoughts and beliefs then you can!

Find out more about how we can work together here:

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All sounds great Shona – but how do I know if you are any good?

Ha ha! Good point!

You can read some testimonials from my clients here. (I’m currently updating this as they are more focused on personal training).

Last year I gave a TEDx talk and I received an Award in the Art of Communication from Lift the Bar.