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shona2I’m Shona Macpherson and I coach humans who feel stuck and want to get more out of life.

You feel stuck, you’ve lost your way and are tired of your present way of living.

Something is holding you back and making you feel stuck. I work to help you find out why you are stuck and how to move from this place.

Your ‘stuckness’ might be about the way you look or feel in your body, it might be about not believing in yourself or not knowing which direction to take. You may feel tired of escaping difficult feelings by numbing out on food, Netflix, drink, etc.

I work with you to help you to understand your own mind and thinking. Through our work you’ll have a clearer sense of where you want to go in life and how to get there. I can help you find and follow your own inner compass.

I also run programmes to help people find freedom from behaviours including secret eating or constant dieting.

I’ve come to life coaching from a rich and varied career and academic background. I’ve worked and trained as a nurse, a counsellor, an aid worker, a charity project manager, a support worker at a women’s refuge and as a personal trainer. My qualifications include a MA in Anthropology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and most recently I’ve trained as a Life Coach with Martha Beck Life Coaching.

I follow an evidence and values based approach to life coaching and I’m influenced by the values and thought based work of Acceptance Commitment Therapy. I also listen to my intuition and have a respect for the wonder and mystery of our unfolding lives.

I’ve a huge respect for you – you are expert of you. I listen to what you have to share. I ask helpful questions and I help you notice thoughts and beliefs that might be holding you back. Our work will help you step back from the busyness of ‘being you’ so that you can see the bigger picture of your life. A core belief I hold is ‘you are enough; you always were’.

I walk the talk!

She blends the emotional and practical to bring together fantastic tools for finding a way forward from binge-land, all with her compassionate and encouraging support.” ~ Shauna Reid

For years I was stuck and I lived as a prisoner to my own thinking. I had self limiting beliefs coming out of my ears. I wasn’t thin enough. I wasn’t disciplined enough. I wasn’t clever enough. I wasn’t good enough. I was too single! I wasn’t enough.

Through counselling, self coaching and the love of others I now believe I’m more than enough.

I’m super clear on what my life values are and these serve as my internal life compass.

I’ll teach you how to do the same. Your values may look very different and that’s what makes you ‘you’.

My values are:

  • Live an outdoor life – eat, sleep, walk and run in beauty
  • Create meaning and contribution through full human connection – (look in the eyes of the lady serving me in Tesco as well as work as a life coach!)
  • Have physical adventures involving endurance, movement and the outdoors
  • Nourish my body with good simple food and everyday movement
  • Nourish my mind with wisdom, kind words, stillness and beauty
  • Tread lightly and live simply without clutter/ ‘stuff’ I don’t need.


Here’s how you can coach with me.

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You can also watch my TED X Talk on “Reframing your story: author your life” that I gave in 2017, here. It’s 11 minutes long so if you are short on time skip forward to 7:08 minutes.

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