2. Meet Me


I’m Shona Macpherson, I’m a life coach, a blogger and an outdoor lover.

I coach humans who want to move from feeling stuck in life, to finding freedom.

Your ‘stuckness’ might be:

  • In your thinking – through self-limiting thoughts or following inherited life scripts.
  • It might be about a lack of clarity about what direction to take if you are feeling a bit lost or stuck. 
  • In your eating behaviours. 

I work with you help you to find freedom in these areas so that you can put your energy into living the life you want.

I do this by helping you to:

  • Understand your own mind and thinking,
  • Connect with your values and your body’s wisdom.

What qualifies me to do this?

I’ve had a varied career before becoming a life coach. I’ve worked as a nurse, a counsellor, an aid worker, a charity project manager, a support worker at a women’s refuge and as a personal trainer. These roles all involved helping others and they reflect my own searching for freedom and meaning.

I’ve a natural curiosity about people and I’m a good listener. I’ve worked on my own mind and body over the years – through counselling, study, trial and error and practicing doing hard things. Doing this work on myself has given me an energy and a freedom in life that I’m passionate to share with others.

My qualifications include a MA in Anthropology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and most recently I’ve trained as a Life Coach with Martha Beck Life Coaching.

In this film I talk about why I walked the Cape Wrath Trail and what it was like to be mostly alone with my thoughts for 16 days.

Short version – it was amazing – the best thing ever!! Longer version it was amazing and hard but the best thing ever!!

I mostly talk about mindset and how taking time ‘out’ is actually more putting time ‘in’.

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Random things about me!

  • I’m passionate about the outdoors and the healing that nature provides.
  • In April, this year I solo trekked 230 miles through Scotland’s wilderness in the Cape Wrath Way.
  • I’m 60% active woodland creature; 40% cat curled up by the fire.
  • I gave up drinking alcohol last year and it feels like freedom.
  • I’m dreaming and planning trekking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019.
  • If I wasn’t a Life Coach I’d consider being a Post Woman! Lots of outdoor time and although it’s an early start I’d get time off in the afternoon to write.
  • I’m dreaming of living in a Tiny House and am trying to make this dream happen. I love travelling and living light.

I share more about my adventures in life and in nature in my blog. Have a read here

“Before I coached with Shona, I felt like I was broken and unfixable. 

I hesitated to book coaching because I didn’t think I ever could ever feel ‘normal’. 

She gives you ideas, points of view, techniques, and science based facts (which I liked) to help slowly change your thoughts to the ones you would love to have instead. 

Things didn’t change for me overnight. I worked hard and did ‘homework’ and practised thinking the new thoughts and ideas in between sessions. 

I now feeling my feelings instead of hiding or masking them. 

I’ve more control over myself and am so much more confident, I am working towards my goals and values in life because I now know I am worthy. 

I feel totally ready and excited to tackle my new life.”

Sally, Highlands

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