2. Meet Me


I’m Shona Macpherson, I’m a life coach, a blogger and an outdoor lover.

I coach humans who want to move from feeling stuck to feeling free.

Your ‘stuckness’ might be in your thinking – through self-limiting thoughts or following inherited life scripts.

Your ‘stuckness’ might be about a lack of clarity about what direction to take  in life when you find yourself at a cross roads or decision point. 

Your stuckness might be in your eating behaviours, such as secret eating.

You might feel like you’ve lost your joy and vitality and want to find this again.

My work is to help you to find freedom in these areas so that your energy can go back into creating and living the life that you want.

I do this by listening to you. And by helping you to hear and understand your mind and thinking,  And by helping you connect with your values, your body’s wisdom and your dreams.

What qualifies me to do this?

My biggest qualification is that I listen and I care.

I’ve had a varied career before becoming a life coach.

I’ve worked as a nurse, a counsellor, an aid worker, a charity project manager, a support worker at a women’s refuge and as a personal trainer.

These roles all involved helping others and they reflect my own searching for freedom and meaning.

I’ve a natural curiosity about people and I’m a good listener. I’ve worked on my own mind and body over the years – through counselling, study, trial and error and practicing doing hard things.

Doing this work on myself has given me an energy and a freedom in life that I’m passionate to share with others.

My qualifications include a MA in Anthropology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and most recently I’ve trained as a Life Coach with Martha Beck Life Coaching.

I’m also training to become a Summer Mountain Leader to enable me to life coach one to one in the mountains.


In this film I talk about why I walked the Cape Wrath Trail and what it was like to be mostly alone with my thoughts for 16 days. My friend Duncan made this video and he did a great job – definitely worth watching.

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Random things about me!

  • I’m passionate about the outdoors and the healing that nature provides.
  • I love people and have lots of amazing friends – but I’m a contented loner at heart.
  • In April 2018 I solo trekked 230 miles through Scotland’s wilderness in the Cape Wrath Way.
  • I’m 60% active woodland creature; 40% cat curled up by the fire.
  • I gave up drinking alcohol last year because it feels more like freedom than drinking.
  • I’m planning to trekking the Pacific Crest Trail in the US from July to November 2019 (so book to work with me now before I go!!)
  • I’m dreaming of living in a Tiny House and am trying to make this dream happen. It fits so much with my values of living light and having adventures.

I share more about my adventures in life and in nature in my blog. Have a read here

“I felt lost, stuck in a rut, helpless, in despair and very confused and overwhelmed with life.

Through coaching I’ve been able to take some huge steps forward in my life, found courage to fulfil some dreams I never thought I’d achieve.

I’ve learnt to trust my body more (before my mind was in overdrive). 

I feel like a new version of myself, stronger, resilient and sure. 

Lucy Hurley, St Albans

“Before I coached with Shona, I felt like I was broken and unfixable. 

I hesitated to book coaching because I didn’t think I ever could ever feel ‘normal’. 

She gives you ideas, points of view, techniques, and science based facts (which I liked) to help slowly change your thoughts to the ones you would love to have instead. 

Things didn’t change for me overnight. I worked hard and did ‘homework’ and practised thinking the new thoughts and ideas in between sessions. 

I now feeling my feelings instead of hiding or masking them. 

I’ve more control over myself and am so much more confident, I am working towards my goals and values in life because I now know I am worthy. 

I feel totally ready and excited to tackle my new life.”

Sally, Highlands

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