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Day 111
PCT Diary :: Day 111 & 112 – October 21-22, 2019
‘Things that scream in the night..’⁣ I camped next to a water cache kindly left by trail angels. There are
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Day 103
PCT Diary :: Day 103 – October 13, 2019
‘Too cold’ ⁣ It was a cold night – I awoke to a frozen water bottle. ⁣ Packing up my
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Day 45
PCT Diary :: Day 45 and 46 – August 16-17, 2019
‘My Sherona’ Yesterday and today have mostly involved hiking through Oregon’s woodland in the blazing hot sunshine. And today I
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Pre Pacific Crest Trail Departure Q&A with my little niece.
The day has come! Today I leave Scotland and in a few days’ time I’ll fly to Seattle tobegin my
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The Causeway at Carnmore
Walking the Fisherfield 6 and getting in the way of beauty.
The Fisherfields are also known as Scotland’s Great Wilderness, and they are in situated south of Ullapool, north of Torridon.
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Pacific Crest Trail prep – the nerves and butterflies
And then I breath. And I remember that I’m the luckiest woman in the world and it’s all going to
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It Takes a Village. Pacific Crest Trail Preparation Blog No. 2
On the 1st July this year, I’m leaving the UK to head off for a massive adventure. It’s just over
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“I’m doomed. I’ve lost my tent”. Limbic Lies Part 2
Read Part 1 here: ‘Limbic Lies – why my brain tells me I can’t navigate’ “Crap. It should be here.
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Limbic lies – why my brain tells me I can’t navigate.
From study I know that our brains are highly malleable and that neuro-plasticity means we can create new pathways and
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Pacific Crest Trail Prep. Feb 2019. A false sense of security?
On the 1st July this year, I’m leaving the UK to head off for my biggest adventure to date: to
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