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9th Jan 2020, Inverness (46 days since PCT). ⁣⁣I’m like a small nervous bird - feeling twitchy and flighty. It’s
1 Jan 2020.⁣After an unexpectedly 'eventful' new years eve, I awoke on the 1st of January not feeling as peace
Inverness, 31 Dec, 1999 No pressure – it’s only new year’s eve!As a child I loved New Years day. But
Life After Trail - day 36. Inverness, 30 Dec, 1999⁣. Last night I set my alarm for 7.30am with every
Day 3
“Brakes are needed”⁣ It’s early when we wake up and peel ourselves from our down sleeping bags. I’m feeling well
‘My Big American road trip’ ⁣ I’d first met Bill and Paisi outside a gas station in Washington state way
The day has come! Today I leave Scotland and in a few days’ time I’ll fly to Seattle tobegin my
The Causeway at Carnmore
The Fisherfields are also known as Scotland’s Great Wilderness, and they are in situated south of Ullapool, north of Torridon.
And then I breath. And I remember that I’m the luckiest woman in the world and it’s all going to
On the 1st July this year, I’m leaving the UK to head off for a massive adventure. It’s just over
Read Part 1 here: ‘Limbic Lies – why my brain tells me I can’t navigate’ In this post I share
From study I know that our brains are highly malleable and that neuro-plasticity means we can create new pathways and

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