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Body Image and Diet Culture

“You’re not small...” he paused, and scanned me up and down, “ fact you’re pretty stocky”. “I’m sorry?” I replied,
The words winded me. The small sense of self worth I’d been clinging to escaped like a deflating balloon. I
“It is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground.  When you compare yourself to
Years ago I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was beautiful. He thought for a moment, smiled and said
Shona Macpherson - Personal Trainer and Coach
I used to hate myself and my body. Over time I lost the weight. But it took me much longer
The one where I go to a Body building comp - Part Two
I recently wrote a blog about attending a body building show and focused on the competitors. Here in Part 2
The one where I go to a Body building comp – Part One
I love people watching and am fascinated by other people’s bodies. I always have been. I’m fascinated by the idea
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