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Outdoor Adventures and Changing my Perspective

The Causeway at Carnmore
The Fisherfields are also known as Scotland’s Great Wilderness, and they are in situated south of Ullapool, north of Torridon.
Ben Mhor Assynt towered over me as I worked quickly to ‘un-peg’, ‘un-pole’ and ‘un-tent’. I’d arrived last night in
On day 4 of the Cape Wrath Trail my I discovered my backpack was too heavy.  I was exhausted and
His lips are moving, words are being spoken. He's smiling so I know he's kind but I just can't hear
It's 7am, Thursday 27th of July,  I put on my backpack, lock my front door and say goodbye to civilisation.
I’ve recently re-membered part of me that I've kept buried away for far too long. In this blog I share
“You’re not small...” he paused, and scanned me up and down, “ fact you’re pretty stocky”. “I’m sorry?” I replied,
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