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Pacific Crest Trail – PCT Diary

‘A beautiful rupture in my lifeline’ I’m sitting at the border monument trying to take it all -the end of
Canada 4th July - Mexico 24th November 2650 miles, 4 months and 21 days of getting in the way of
‘Tagging the border’ ⁣ By 6am I’m back on trail, my pack stuffed with treats from Grace and Scott. I’ve
Day 144
‘Easy miles, Grace & Scott and Clara Hughes’⁣ Today’s my penultimate day on the trail and it looks like an
‘The cold & the tiny house’ I’m a big believer in visualising, writing, speaking of and keeping your dreams near
Day 142
‘A huge donation and a tired zipper’ I slept deeply in my hotel queen bed and I’m awake thinking about
Day 141
‘Cosy hotel room, Yahtzee and endings’ It’s early morning, we’re sitting around drinking coffee and nibbling at breakfast snacks from
Day 140
‘A shelter from the storm. The race to Julian’ Yahtzee and Big Texas got into camp at 11pm last night.
Day 139
‘Near miss’ Big Tex and I are walking from Warner Springs town back to the trail head. It’s 4pm and
Day 138
‘Secret library and Hiker trash in Warner Springs’⁣ I’ve an 8 mike hike to my first stop of the day.
Day 137
‘Making that first uncomfortable step’⁣ Danielle and I break camp and set out on trail just after 7am. We have
Day 136
‘Hiking with Danielle’ Danielle and I stuff our backpacks and rushingly swig our coffees. We’re eating warmly freshly baked pastries
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