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I want to be a Mountain
“I want to be a mountain” she said. “You want to be a mountain?”  I laughed. Day light in winter is
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Am I being watched? A woman’s journey alone in the hills.
Ben Mhor Assynt towered over me as I worked quickly to ‘un-peg’, ‘un-pole’ and ‘un-tent’. I’d arrived last night in
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Finding my heart’s desire in my own back yard
“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard.
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Clutter and coffee. (How to make everything feel better in an hour!)
A half-drunk mug of cold coffee lurks dangerously close to my lap top, random scribbled Post It notes and a
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Is this it?
10 June 2018 My door gives a satisfactory clunk as I pull it shut and turn the key. I let
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Walking and remembering Lewis
27th March 2014, Inverness My car had broken down – or was it in for a service? Either way, Joanne
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Carried: Finding strength when you’ve none left (Part 1)
Cape Wrath Trail, Day 4:  Clunie to Kintail It’s 7:30am, passing the unmanned reception of The Clunie Inn, the automatic
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Shona’s Cape Wrath Trail Plan
The 11th April 2018 marks ‘Day 1’ of my biggest adventure to date:  solo hiking the Cape Wrath Trail. ‘Cape the
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Instructions for life
“Instructions for living a life Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”  (Mary Oliver) Pay attention. She shifts in her
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Trekking for Wellbeing. Why bother?
Last year I had the complete joy of teaming up with Simon Greaves from Cairngorm Treks, to run Trekking for
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