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His lips are moving, words are being spoken. He's smiling so I know he's kind but I just can't hear
It's 7am, Thursday 27th of July,  I put on my backpack, lock my front door and say goodbye to civilisation.
Old Shona was scared of the cold, she wanted to be warm, safely tucked up at home, looking at other
Last June, as I approached my 40th birthday, a self limiting belief hit me smack bang in the solar plexus.
I’ve recently re-membered part of me that I've kept buried away for far too long. In this blog I share
I first heard of Kay about 6 months ago from a friend. She told me "If you are looking for
“You’re not small...” he paused, and scanned me up and down, “ fact you’re pretty stocky”. “I’m sorry?” I replied,
Interview with Shauna Reid
Shauna Reid is a dear friend who I first met as a personal training client. She is from Australia but
Russell posted this question on my Facebook page: I’m addicted to sugar. I can binge on over 2000 calories a
The words winded me. The small sense of self worth I’d been clinging to escaped like a deflating balloon. I
“It is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground.  When you compare yourself to
In the film Brooklyn, due to a turn of events, Eilis unexpectly finds herself back in her backwater Irish home

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