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Share my pillow & my cold feet
Old Shona was scared of the cold, she wanted to be warm, safely tucked up at home, looking at other
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Follow the bread crumbs: How to lose a limiting belief.
Last June, as I approached my 40th birthday, a self limiting belief hit me smack bang in the solar plexus.
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Always winter but never Christmas?
“I’m driving home for Christmas, yeah, Get my feet on holy ground, So I sing for you, Though you can’t
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What if I get stabbed in my tent? Calling out your fears, following your inner voice.
I’ve recently re-membered part of me that I’ve kept buried away for far too long. In this blog I share
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“For now I’m living my life” – Kay’s journey with the ‘C’ word. Cancer and exercise.
I first heard of Kay about 6 months ago from a friend. She told me “If you are looking for
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The search to be happy in my own skin. A bike trip in the outer Hebrides.
“You’re not small…” he paused, and scanned me up and down, “…in fact you’re pretty stocky”. “I’m sorry?” I replied,
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He Chose Her over Me! Reduce your heartache.
He swept me off my feet. We’d met a few months before; and I’d liked him immediately. I was happily
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Interview with Shauna Reid
No More Dietgirl – The Rise of Habit Woman
Shauna Reid is a dear friend who I first met as a personal training client. She is from Australia but
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Don’t sugar coat it – why we love and how to reduce sugar
Russell posted this question on my Facebook page: I’m addicted to sugar. I can binge on over 2000 calories a
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Owning & Losing my Fat Shame
The words winded me. The small sense of self worth I’d been clinging to escaped like a deflating balloon. I
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