What if I get stabbed in my tent? Calling out your fears, following your inner voice.

I’ve recently re-membered part of me that I’ve kept buried away for far too long.

In this blog I share how I’ve re-kindled my love affair with the out-doors. Expect 2500 words, about 10 minutes of reading time. Our starting point is the origins of my love of the out doors and why I forgot. Along the way we pass the way markers of

  • my re-union with the out door life through a solo Island cycling adventure
  • my fear of wild camping on my own and over coming this
  • calling myself out on my excuses, my fear and rather following my inner voice

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“For now I’m living my life” – Kay’s journey with the ‘C’ word.

I first heard of Kay about 6 months ago from a friend. She told me “If you are looking for a local person with an inspiring story then you’ve GOT to interview Kay – she’s amazing”.   So last Sunday Kay and I sat down with Starbuck’s coffee and had a good blether.

She shared her courageous journey with breast cancer, fitness and living life to the full.

Expect: Lots of exercise inspiration, an insight into losing all your hair and the wonderful idea of asking everyone to wear a wig on her 50th Birthday Party!!

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