I would cycle 500 miles and I would cycle 500 more: My North Coast 500 Journey.

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His lips are moving, words are being spoken. He’s smiling so I know he’s kind but I just can’t hear what he’s saying. My brain is in survival mode, drowning him out, screaming: “Get In The Shower – NOW!”

I compose myself and return the smile:.

“I wonder if I could have a shower and get warm first and then we can talk about keys?”

I’m getting ahead of myself – that’s day 5, a cold wet Thurso day, on my North Coast 500 trip.

In the first part of this blog I share WHY I decided to cycle alone for a week, covering 530 miles, on some of Scotland’s hilliest roads. The second part of the blog is a photo diary with mileage, route and a few of my strongest memories. Continue reading

What if I get stabbed in my tent? Calling out your fears, following your inner voice.

I’ve recently re-membered part of me that I’ve kept buried away for far too long.

In this blog I share how I’ve re-kindled my love affair with the out-doors. Expect 2500 words, about 10 minutes of reading time. Our starting point is the origins of my love of the out doors and why I forgot. Along the way we pass the way markers of

  • my re-union with the out door life through a solo Island cycling adventure
  • my fear of wild camping on my own and over coming this
  • calling myself out on my excuses, my fear and rather following my inner voice

Continue reading