Habits Over Diets

Habits over Diets – Open to men and women in the Inverness area & also available online.

Willpower doesn’t work. Faddy diets don’t work in the long term.

What does work?

Changing your mindset, your habits and your environment.

And the best way to do this is in a small safe community of like-minded people, led by two trainers who know their stuff and care hugely!

the same old story

‘Habits over Diets ‘ is an exciting new programme with 2 pathways: Local and Online.

In this programme we help you develop habits, one step at a time.

I give you all the information you need and through a supportive community, you work on change at your pace.

We focus on progress, not on perfection.

We work on one habit at a time.

We work in community.

Habits Over Diets Local pathway:

We will meet once a week on Thursday evenings, 7pm, for an hour and 15 minutes to discuss and learn about different aspects of habit change for weight loss.

Prepare to have your mindset challenged!

We will also do a short physical training work out for 10 to 15 minutes – aimed at your level.

The programme includes:

  • Weekly group meetings with Shona, Thursdays, 6:30pm,  (Trinity Church Hall, Inverness)
  • In class work out & home work outs
  • Nutrition based habits designed to help you lose weight. These will be personalised for you in the group – new habit every 2 weeks
  • Secret Facebook group with daily videos to educate, motivate and encourage. Eight weeks of content on nutrition and mindset related topics.
  • Accountability check ins on Secret Group and personal replies
  • Habits manual and journal

Habits Over Diets Online pathway

You get all of the above with out the weekly meets. Rather you will have access to 2 coaching calls with Shona.

Does it really work?

Who better to tell you about Habits Over Diets than those who have done it?

Some of the current group would prefer to stay anonymous but all quotes are from Kick Start clients:

“Great to see that you’re planning another kick start – I wish I could shout from the rooftops just how worthwhile it is!” (Angela) 

“I am totally delighted with this because for the first time ever I felt that I enjoyed my food, did not feel deprived and yet felt in control”. (Rose)

“I’ve had a really hard year but you, your kindness and support throughout your course are one of the best things that crossed my path. Without realising I kept on keeping on and I’m 12 kilos lighter today than I was when I started your course.” (Pam)

The Habits Over Diets programme will get you losing weight and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I’ve limited this unique 2 month programme to just 10 places and I’m  offering the package at just £110/ month.

This is £220 total which works out at £3.66/ day. The cost of a coffee and snack.

If you are choosing the Online Pathway it’s £200 total.

The group is fairly small so you will get a lot of attention – it’s worth every penny!



Want to chat more?

Email Shona at: hello@shonafitness.co.uk

“Telling someone who is overweight to eat less and move more, is like telling someone who is drowning to drown less and swim more”!  (James Fell)