Life After Trail : Day 19 – Dec 13, 2019⁣

‘Channeling My Sherona’s courage’.

Walking into the sunset in southern California, PCT

I’ve always avoided writing anything political on my social media as I worry what readers – including family members – with different political leanings, would think. I’ve worried it would affect my business. I’ve worried that I’d look stupid when I can’t argue back with people more articulate and confident than me. ⁣

This morning as I read all the depressing post election commentary I seek out thoughtful words from wise people I trust. I want to share their thoughts (and my own) on my personal Facebook page but my doubts cause me to hesitate. Yet I remembered that in my ‘post trail diary’ yesterday I wrote about what I can learn from my Trail Self. My PCT trail name was ‘My Sherona’ and I shared that I could learn a bit from her courage. ⁣

I checked I wasn’t writing for my own ego and then I channelled My Sherona by choosing action over safety. Below is what I shared. ⁣

– ⁣

I missed much of the pre election ugliness whilst on trail. Last night I watched in shock as the results came in. To be honest more long distance hiking feels very tempting this morning. ⁣

But I wanted to share some words from two thoughtful friends that lifted my heart on this heavy morning: ⁣

“Nothing this morning challenges my beliefs and values, a majority voice within a democracy doesn’t make it right. ⁣

And I also believe that ‘the moral arc of the universe is long and it bends towards justice’. ⁣

I’m not going to measure the rightness of the result on the strength of the pound, I want to know what it means to those with the least and the lowest, and only time will tell us that.” (Dave Steell)⁣

“Things are going to be very hard and will get even tougher.⁣

So it is up to us to create the kind of society we want to live in. We can do this regardless of and despite who holds political power. Those people come and go.” (Jill Rowe)⁣

Like most of my English, N. Irish and Welsh friends – Scotland didn’t vote for this. ⁣

SNP won 48 out of 59 seats. Interesting times north of the border. But sending love and care to my dear friends south of it.Life After Trail : Day 18 – Dec 12, 2019⁣

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  1. Polly Farrington says:

    Hi Shona,

    Congrats on completing your hike! I was wondering which travel insurance you decided to go with and if you would recommend them after having had to claim? I’m hiking the PCT next year and its the last thing on my list to decide!

    Thank you!

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