Life After Trail : Day 27 – Dec 21, 2019⁣

‘Threshold on winter solstice’. ⁣

Looking over to the Hills in the west on a stormy short winter’s day.

At times I’ve trusted my life in the hands of others because they are qualified to hold it. But mo matter how qualified they are, to trust another with your life-gift is a scary thing. ⁣

In these moments – or the memory of them – I get fleeting glimpses of how short our time here really is. ⁣

Today is the shortest day – winter Solstice. Day light is at its shortest yet this day carries the promise that from tomorrow our days will grow again. ⁣

Annie Dillard says “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”⁣

I feel glad to still be in the betwixt and between stage of home coming. Trail Shona meets normal life Shona. Normal life Shona already takes flushing toilets, tap water, beds, hair driers and vegetables for granted. But there’s still hope for her.. ⁣

I can see how easily I could slip into old habits. Habits of social media addiction and unproductive working. Yet I also feel like an observer of that life. And I’ve an energy around some practical changes. ⁣

So far the changes look like: ⁣

– not having data on my phone so I can only go online with WiFi ⁣
– committing to an early morning walking & writing practice⁣
– decluttering to the basics ⁣

And in the doing I’m trusting myself in my own hands.

I’m making very small changes which incrementally will add up to a more present and connected me. A me who doesn’t waste these precious moments.

I welcome this short day to sit with the beautiful fading light and growing shadow. ⁣

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