Day 3

Life After Trail :: Day 3 – November 27, 2019

“Brakes are needed”⁣

It’s early when we wake up and peel ourselves from our down sleeping bags. I’m feeling well rested and like new until I try to move my legs – they’re stiff as irons. ⁣

We’ve a 600 mile drive to San Antonio ahead of us – it’ll take us about 12 hours – a distance that would take us about 30 days to walk. ⁣

It’s strange to be moving so quickly. If I’m not intentional, if I don’t resist, my life pace at home will speed up too. Brakes are needed. I’m so glad to receive this gift of time, space and like minded friendship. These guys know Trail life, our chats connect me back to that life. ⁣

Bill and I look like a couple of John Wayne’s as we stiffly get out of the car and walk to the Mexican cafe in El Paso. Bill and Gregg aren’t faring much better. We eat the most delicious huevos rancheros. The waitress is delighted with our contented compliments as she tops up our coffee mugs.

Back on the road the guys insist I continue to ride show gun and they won’t hear a word of my objections. The tunes are pumping, the banter’s first class and the miles fly by. The landscape changes from open and mountainous to flat desert, to urban neon shop fronts blazing through the darkness. Although I’m weary from the journey I’m loving this journey and the company of these three lovely men. It’s never just about the destination.

We arrive to their home in San Antonio. And to Bill and John’s partners, Paisi and Sandy’s, open arms. There’s a sofa for me to sleep on but the warm breeze on the front porch invites me sleep under the same big sky that I’ve know every night on the trail. ⁣

There’s a rightness to accepting this invitation to Texas, to this road trip and to staying outdoors for just a little bit longer. I’m not ready to let go. ⁣

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