Life After Trail : Day 30 – Dec 24, 2019⁣

‘It doesn’t have to be tied up with a bow’.⁣

Seeking beauty outside my window.

A month has passed since reaching the official start/ finish monument of the Pacific Crest Trail. My average trail mileage was about 20 miles per day, today I’ve walked 2 miles at the most. ⁣

Whilst buying a couple of last minute gifts from TK Max, a friend called my name across the long queue. Her contact transformed me. I moved from feeling like a soulless consumer to feeling like a relatable human again. Desperate to hold this sense of contact I persuaded Katie to join me for a quick coffee in the cafe across the road. ⁣

I’m now alone nursing a second coffee gathering my thoughts. After having a fun but full on time since finishing the trail, I’ve now got to rest from physical activity with any impact for at least a month. (Don’t worry, I’m well, just recovering from something personal to me). ⁣

I’m someone who loves to move – both to be outside in nature and for the sake of moving. But I’m also someone who loves to be inside and cozy – reading, creating, just being. ⁣

After 5 months of living outdoors, circumstances are such that I’m going to be a home dwelling creature for a season. I’m almost uncomfortable at the thought of being too comfortable! It’s both scary and exciting. And all will be well. ⁣

On this eve of a day that has been built up by Hollywood and marketers et al to be the biggest, sparkliest and happiest.. it’s easy to believe that life needs to look or feel perfect – or even complete – tied up with a big bow. But beliefs about how things ‘should’ be take us away from what is. ⁣

My wish is to find a quiet contentment in the simplicity of the beauty outside my window and the gift of being with big and little people whom I love very much. This is more than enough.

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