Life After Trail : Day 9 – Dec 5, 2019⁣

‘Lost & found’. ⁣

Dreamcatcher necklace

I’d worn the amber ‘dream catcher’ pendant for the duration of the Pacific crest trail. It lay close to my heart. Sometimes during struggle on the trail I’d touch it or even kiss it. This grounded me to something physical that wasn’t me. It reminded me – no matter what I was feeling in the moment – I was walking my dream. ⁣

Last week whilst taking a morning walk with my friends in Texas I reached out to touch the pendant hanging around my neck.

It wasn’t there.

I searched my clothes. Back at the house I searched my sleeping bag and the sofa I slept on. ⁣

Whilst walking the next morning I told my friend John. He stopped in his tracks and turned to me with a huge smile. ⁣

“You are telling me that you bought the dream catcher a few days before the trail and you’ve just lost it a few days after finishing the trail? ⁣
That’s perfect!”⁣

I laughed at the irony. It was a beautiful pendant but it wasn’t mine anymore. It was never about the necklace – it was about what it represented. And so I let go off my attachment to the object. Maybe someone else will find it and walk with it. ⁣

Yesterday whilst standing in queue at passport control, Houston airport, I flicked through to find my ID page. A yellow ‘post-it’ note fell out. And my heart leapt with joy. It was full with hand written phone numbers, emails and an address. ⁣

Sue and her husband had taken me into their home in Sisters Oregon during a very difficult day on trail. For the last few months I thought I’d lost her contact and felt terrible at not even being able to send her a thank you card. ⁣

The happiness I feel in finding this ‘post it’ far outweighs any sadness I felt in the loss of my dream catcher. ⁣

Again – the trail my teacher, reminds me of simple but hard to live truths. It’s always people before things that bring joy. ⁣

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