No pressure – it’s only new year’s eve!

Me & my sunglasses on the PCT, 1999.

Inverness, 31 Dec, 1999

No pressure – it’s only new year’s eve!
As a child I loved New Years day. But as an adult, until recently, I used to dread it. The day would start with promise and end with tears of disappointment – or intense hang over – or both!

New Year’s Eve so often ends in disaster because of the pressure we put on ourselves. “The promise of a magical night,

of new beginnings,

of some kind of rebirth at the strike of midnight.

But the reality is that midnight on New Year’s Eve is just another midnight.

The passing of time holds no transformative power over your career potential,

your love life,

or your character.

But it is this hope of something magical that dooms us for disappointment” (Metro article 31.12.19). On social media at present people are trying to sum up their last 10 years – often impressive list of trophies and achievements. Yet many of us don’t feel we measure up.

And add to this the illusion of this new decade that we are about to enter. And all the promise it brings.

It’s no wonder so many people will seek to get out of their heads tonight.

For me it’s too much.

It’s just a change in the date.

We are made of the same stuff and are living with the same circumstances.

We don’t need to stack on the pressure to prove we’ve mattered over the last 10 years.

We don’t need to post photos to show that we’ve aged well. Or hide photos that suggest otherwise.

Nor do we need to whack on a tonne of goals for the next 10 years.

I believe we are all enough, regardless of what we have or haven’t achieved.

Letting go of the illusion of control and chipping away at the old ego changes everything.

I’m looking forward to dinner with friends and then some live music – but it’s very likely I’ll sneak off to bed before midnight. No one will care and I’ve nothing to prove.

I’m grateful for the love of family, friends, health and knowing I’m enough. And it’s my hope that you can rest at the end of this year knowing and feeling this too.

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