PCT Diary :: Day 10 – July 13, 2019

PCT mile 159/2650

My super power on trail thus far is my ability to sleep.

Last night, camped cosily in the forest, I felt I was pulled deep into a safe dark restfully underworld. I haven’t known rest like this. As I emerged my body, especially my feet, feel renewed.

And as I sat eating my porridge and coffee breakfast it came to me that my approach the trail wasn’t as I wanted it to be.

No more judgement, no more feeling pressure to get miles in.

I want to be kinder.

I remember my mountain guide friend Simon’s advice:

Take small gentle steps, alpine plodding, on the uphill. Anytime I notice I’m getting breathless, or when my leg muscles burn, I remind myself to save energy by small steps.
And I plan to drink when thirsty rather than waiting till I’m parched.
I’ll make time to sit down and take proper breaks to eat.


And it’s been the best day ever.

I’ve walked with ease through a glacier pass, gentle meadows and have arrived at this gorgeous lake to camp. Lake Sally Ann, below Skykomish Peak. I couldn’t resist washing in the cool water. I feel new.

“Let the soft animal of your body do what it loves” (Mary Oliver).

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