Sheep Lake this morning

PCT Diary :: Day 20 – July 23, 2019

Mile 340/2650 (13 miles)

‘Ordinary angels’

I’d met Don and Sue briefly last night when I entered camp. As well as Advil, Don offered to give me his insoles which are shaped for plantar fasciitis (the cause of my pain). ⁣

I agreed to walk with Don and Sue to Chinnock Pass car park to get the insoles. ⁣

We meet at 7am and walk together. Don and Sue are brother and sister. He a science professor who lives in Washington, she a vet in Michigan.

What a joy they are.

They love and are passionate about this area. They teach me the names of all the wild flowers I’ve long wonders about:

Indian Paint Brush, Scarlet Paint Brush, Bear Grass, Turks / Monks Head, Avalanche Lillie.

We get to the car.

I remove my insoles from my shoes and slip these ones in. They fit. They feel amazing.

Cinderella shall go to the ball.
Shona shall go to Mexico.

Thanks to the kindness of new friends.


Over the years I’ve developed a fair amount of cynicism. Maybe to protect my heart.

I came on this trek to be in natural beauty – and no day has disappointed.

But the people? ⁣

They are taking me by surprise. ⁣

Don and Sue

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