Parcel at the Kracker Barrell Store

PCT Diary :: Day 21 – July 24, 2019

Mile 357/2650 (17.5 miles). ⁣

Last night was hard. I was so irritated from bites that I clawed at my skin.

Giving up on sleep I decide to trek at 4am. ⁣

It’s a bit scary at first but my torch cuts a hole through the night. Enough of a hole for me to walk through. ⁣

I’m immediately awake, fully alert.

Scary turns to fun as dark moves to half light. ⁣

A branch cracks amongst the trees. Something scuttles off. My imagination goes wild. ⁣

It’s cold and mosquito free. By 10.30am I’ve walked 17.5 miles to the Kracker Barrel Store. ⁣

It’s a store with a shower, laundry and hot food, beer. Every hikers dream.

I’ve spent the day here sorting out my food resupply for the next 7 days and eating pizza. It’s been fun to hang out with other hikers and play cards. There’s a guy from Skye here – another MacPherson.

Hanging out with fellow hikers
Hanging out with fellow hikers

This next section is 148 miles, it includes the Goat Rocks, and it’s going to be tough. ⁣

So I’m setting my alarm for 4am again. ⁣

We move at dawn!

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