Day 24

PCT Diary :: Day 24 – July 27, 2019

Mile 434/2650 (26 today)


The dark sky has an emerging dusky pink glow, with silhouettes of trees and Mount Adams. Joy irresistible despite my sleepy morning head. ⁣

5:15am, night hands over to day like a dimmer light being turned up. ⁣

I love walking into this change. ⁣

I rarely see other hikers at this time. It feels like I have the whole place to myself. All this! ⁣

It’s quiet enough to hear all the noises of the forest. ⁣

I pass a marmot, whistling with great gusto from his rock amphitheatre. The town crier of the PCT. ⁣

Every so often man made materials catch my eye. They didn’t quite belong. Tents and tarps – human nests – tucked into the landscape. I’m happy to see these resting places – evidence of human life without having to engage with it yet. ⁣

Day 24


It’s now evening and I’m curled up in my nest. I’ve felt less present than usual whilst walking in the day. ⁣

Maybe it was because it rained and I worry about my feet. It’s harder to care for them when they are wet. ⁣

Maybe the cloudy sky and the many forests made me feel more constrained?

Mostly I think I’m just tired. ⁣

I’ve not yet had a full day off and I’m so looking forward to my first full rest day when I reach Cascade Locks in 70 miles/ a few days. ⁣

I’m about to drift of to sleep and despite what I’ve just shared, I’m still excited for another magical morning tomorrow. ⁣

I love that we can name and feel all of the feelings – even if they seem contradictory. We are never just one thing, we are way more complicated and interesting than that. ⁣

Maybe that’s why dawn and sunset are so special. The sun and the moon co- existing. ⁣

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