Day 26

PCT Diary :: Day 26 – July 29, 2019

Mile 490/2650 (30 today)⁣

‘People power’⁣

I’m only 45 miles from town so I’m keen to walk as many miles as possible. The more I walk, the quicker I get to my hotel and rest.⁣

The first few miles fly by. My feet are happy and I’ve fuelled myself with porridge and coffee. ⁣

Then 12 miles down the line my feet get chatty and I tire. ⁣

The trail provides. ⁣

A lovely Trail angel called Buzz offers me a Dr Pepper and a banana. I’m buzzing again. ⁣

Later I meet 21 year old identical twins – Frick and Frack. They are north bounding and unlike most, they’ve come the while way. (Most folks have had to skip the Heigh Sierra due to snow and high rivers). They are aiming to walk the PCT in 100 days and only have 14 to go. ⁣

They are so enthusiastic and friendly I leave them with a renewed vigour. They are doing 40+ mile days and are still smiling and chatty. I can do this. ⁣

It’s 6:30pm, I’ve still 4 miles to go but no power. ⁣

I decide to eat dinner and then keep hiking. Happily I bump into my friend Therese. She has a lovely energy and sustains me as much as my Thai curry packet dinner. ⁣

I started hiking at 5:30am and it’s after 9pm by the time I haul my ass to the camp at the top of a never ending hill. ⁣

It’s dark and folks are already sleeping in their tents as I try and pitch quietly on this dusty patch. ⁣

It’s impossible: my tent pegs, zips and aluminium pot want to be heard. ⁣

Another 30 miler and I’m spent. But these wonderful, bright, kind people have got me through.

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