Day 29

PCT Diary :: Day 29 – August 2, 2019

Cascade Locks to mile 531. (25 today) ⁣

‘Dancing Strip the Willow down the night PCT’’.⁣

Sweat steams down my face. I taste it’s saltiness. My hearts pounding so fast I need to stop every few seconds. Hand over hand I grab shrubs, trees, pulling myself up. ⁣

I’m mad with myself. I’d taken them wrong path a few miles back and should have gone back to correct myself. Instead I’ve hauled myself up this steep bank wasting much time and energy. ⁣

Now back on the PCT path I berate myself. My energy is low and it’s another 7 miles to camp. ⁣

Since missing the path I’ve been giving myself a hard time in my thoughts. When I become conscious I decide to drop the judgment. ⁣


Day 29

I’m listening to Skippinish (Scottish folk music) as the evening sun sets the forest aglow. ⁣

In the magic of the gloaming anything can happen. ⁣

And so the PCT becomes a village hall in the Outer Hebrides. The trees are my silent witness as the dance begins: ⁣

I lean on my right walking pole, swaying at the hip. Now the left. As if I’m linking arms and spinning with invisible partners on either side. I’m dancing a ‘Strip the Willow’. ⁣

Energy surges through me as my body re members another time and place. Bringing that part of me to this place fills me with such joy and vitality. I arrive at camp exhausted but with a huge smile.

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