Day 3

PCT Diary :: Day 3 – July 6, 2019


I naïvely thought walking the PCT would be a solitary experience. 

This year there are very high snows in the High Sierra so many north bound hikers have decided to ‘flip’ to the Washington section where I’ve started. Hence it’s busy.


I left camp on my own this morning – it had been a cold night. I cringed as I pulled on my leggings, still wet from the day before. 

Later the midday sun warmed me. It felt good to lay my tent out to dry while I ate lunch. I find simple pleasure in looking after my few possessions here. 

I walked alone all day. It felt good. 

By mile 21 I was fed up with myself. My body was slowing down and longed to reach my camping place. 

My heart sank as I heard loud male American voices coming from the site I was headed for.

But Moses, Jay, Cruise and Dillion were gents. They shared their fire with me, I was glad of their warmth. 

I’m realising this isn’t going to be as solitary as I’d hoped. But I’ll keep walking the days alone. That can be my boundary/ gift to self. All rest – I’m happy to roll with it! It will work out the way it’s meant to. 

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