Day 30

PCT Diary :: Day 30 – August 3, 2019

Mile 531 to Timberline Lodge, mile 555. (25 miles). ⁣

Dancing Under The Stars⁣

Timberline Lodge is a high end resort built in the 1939s. It the hotel they used to film The Shining. ⁣

After a long hot day Trees and I savoured cold beers in the dimly lit bar. Their food was pricey so we sneaked cheese puffs from her hiker box. ⁣

This is where I met Pete. He was with a group of guys who were on a short exped of Mount Hood.

We chatted much of the evening and as night fell he asked if he could walk me back to my tent. ⁣

It was a cloudless night with a light chill in the air. ⁣

Walking across the patio Bruce Springsteen ‘I’m on Fire’ was playing at a wedding disco inside. ⁣

And dancing felt like the only possible thing to do. We danced and laughed under the huge starry sky. I felt seen and special and a real connection – something that hasn’t happened for a couple of years. ⁣

We’ve talked of Pete joining me for a few days on the trail in the future but realistically I don’t know if we will meet again. ⁣

He lives in Washington State and on my journey to Mexico, I’m literally walking away from him. ⁣

Maybe connections and moments of joy can be enough and complete in their essence without them having to become something more? Without the complexity of attachment? ⁣

I feel I’m collecting a box full of beautiful memories on this journey. This is one I’ll always treasure. ⁣

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