Day 33

PCT Diary :: Day 33 – August 6, 2019

Olallie Lake Resort to Mount Jefferson view point (26 miles)

‘Pants and trail magic’ ⁣

I started walking in the coolness of 5:30 this morning. My shorts were still wet from washing in the lake yesterday so I took the slightly unusual step of walking in my underpants and mosquito trousers. ⁣

A guy walked passed me: ⁣

“Nice pants”. ⁣

For a mortifying moment I forgot that ‘pants’ means trousers in America! ⁣

A couple of hours later my heart skipped a beat to see a sign for Trail Magic written on a paper plate on the ground. ⁣

Hot food trail magic

I followed the path to find a bunch of hikers sitting on deck chairs beside a camper van where a lean long haired man in his 50s was frying food.

“Welcome – I was hoping you’d come,” he greeted me with a cheery smile.

And for the next 30 minutes I sat, chatted and devoured two cheese and egg muffins. I didn’t think I was hungry until I started eating. So good. ⁣

Egg and cheese

I’m struggling to eat my food on the trail so it was such a joy to have something real and tasty. AJ truly is a Trail Angel. ⁣

The last 5 miles of today were, as is increasingly the case, a real drudge. My blisters are getting worse and they are getting me down. ⁣

As I walked the last few miles I decided I was pushing too hard and that I’d take a day off over the next couple of days. My feet and my mind need rest.

I made it to camp just in time to see the sun set over Mount Jefferson. The sky’s embers move to darkness. I sleeping without my fly sheet so I can see the stars as I drift off. ⁣

Trail magic, a day off coming up and a starry night. I’m grateful. ⁣

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