Day 35

PCT Diary :: Day 35

Mount Jefferson View Point to Highway 20 (Satiam Pass) (20 miles). Then hitch to Sisters.

‘Rescued from the Post Office’⁣

My feet and blisters have been bothering me on and off for a few weeks so I’ve made a vague and ambitious plan to walk 20 miles to the highway, hitch hike 20 miles to Sisters town, making it before the Post Office and gear store close. Then I’ll hitch back to the highway and walk 5 miles to camp. ⁣

Can I do it? I don’t know but I know something will work out.


The walkout is good. I have the joy of passing Three Fingered Jack, a Matterhorn peak with spires that look like gnarly fingers. ⁣

Three Fingered Jack
Three Fingered Jack

I arrive at the highway at 3:30 pm but find it hard to get a hitch. ⁣

Eventually a gent called Jim gives me a ride all the way to Sisters Post Office. He goes 20 miles out of his way and prays for my feet in the car park! ⁣

By 4pm I standing in the Post Office line, feeling a bit sheepish – painfully aware of my body odour and filthy dirty look. ⁣

To my surprise a lady in sunglasses and a bright multi coloured T-shirt approaches me: ⁣

“Hey sweetie, you look tired. Can I give you a ride back into town?”. ⁣

She waits till I post my package (I’m posting some of my extra clothes to California as it’s too hot and heavy to carry just now). We chat in her car.

“Where are you staying? ⁣Will you come a stay with my husband and I? We have a cabin… in fact I insist!”⁣

I was too tired to resist. And so this beautiful woman in her 70s whisked me off to her ranch a few miles out of town. Her drive was lined with warm red Ponderosa Pine and Juniper which looked so pale and weedy in comparison. ⁣

Chez Sue and Bob
Chez Sally and Bob

She, her husband Bob and I sat on their patio, eating Mexican food, drinking wine and putting the world to rights. They were a delight. Funny, well traveled, interested, music loving, thoughtful people. So young and open in spirit. ⁣

Sue and Bob
Sally and Bob

As the evening drew to a close Bob ushered me into a small cosy cabin next to their stables, armed with fluffy towels, shampoo and the WiFi password. ⁣

Sally and Bob’s kindness came at exactly the time I needed it. And it went way beyond meeting my needs. ⁣

People are good!

My bed for the night
My bed for the night

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