With the top down

PCT Diary :: Day 36 – August 7, 2019

I woke up feeling super rested in the cozy little cabin my trail angels had availed to me.⁣

Sally and I spent the rest of the morning together. ⁣

First a breakfast of coffee and freshly baked cheese scones at Sisters Bakery.

Precious coffee

Then Sally drives me to the gear store and supermarket for a few errands.

She wants to show me the local sights so we drive a few miles out of town to visit the Mackenzie Observatory. It’s view point from which you can see The Three Sisters, Mount Washington and many other local⁣ Mountains. Stunning! ⁣

Finally she insists on dropping me back at the Trail Head (rather than me hitching again). ⁣

We drive in her convertible with the roof down. I feel the warm air in my hair as we speed down the highway. American folk music plays on the stereo as we chat. ⁣

I feel like a ‘normal person’ enjoying a day out with a friend. ⁣

Shona and Sally

As we hugged goodbye – I thanked her for the hundredth time! ⁣

She replies: ⁣

“Sweetie – you came at just the right time. I needed a change. ⁣This has been as much fun for me as it has for you!”⁣

We’ve laughed and shared a lot in these short hours. I’ll never forget this kindness. I hope receiving all this kindness changes me. I want to let it.

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