Shelter with friends

PCT Diary :: Day 39 – August 10, 2019

“A shelter from the storm” ⁣

It both thundered and rained last night. My tent was pretty soggy as I started out early this morning.

As forecast it stated raining again, heavily. I’ve a rain protector for my rucksack, a rain kilt and a rain jacket but they are all fairly lightweight. Getting cold and wet felt inevitable. ⁣

It seemed crazy to think just the day before I’d been walking in 80 degrees.

Being cold is one of my biggest fears so I made the decision to hike to a shelter 32 miles away. This is the most I’ve hiked on the PCT. ⁣

The rain came and went. I pushed on.

By 7:30 pm, following a forest path, I found a side trail to a cabin. ⁣

And there she stood. My refuge. My ticket to a warm dry night and warm gear.

Shelter in the storm

There were 6 other hikers there when I arrived. But by bed time there were 11 of us. I was delighted when the door creaked open and my friend Trees arrived. I’d not seen her for a few days. We sat by the stove and she shared her dark chocolate with cherry bar with me. ⁣

I spent a cosy night on the attic floor , very grateful to be safe and warm. It’s the simple things that matter. Shelter, friendship and chocolate are definitely up there!

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