Pct day 4 7/7/19 (22 miles) I felt really strong today.

PCT Diary :: Day 4 – July 7, 2019

(22 miles)

I felt really strong today. 

I’m now well clear of the border and have began the long walk south. 

I walk alone, hour after hour passes and I just want to keep walking. 

Every so often I catch my breath at the beauty of it all. Some of the mountain passes are pretty exposed and I need to breath deeply to stay relaxed. 

Towards the end of the day I catch myself feeling bored as the switch back I’m descending on feel monotonous. 

And I remember boredom is a choice – it comes from a lack of presence or lack of imagination and interest. 

So I look up and remember where I am. How privileged I am. I touch the tree branch next to me and I’m back. 

Later I reach a perfect camping spot, deep in a forest with a river flowing near by. I feel safe under its canopy. All is well. I drift off to sleep with a content tiredness. 

This is mile 46, only 2514 to go! And I want to be present for them all! 

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