Day 40 by the lake

PCT Diary :: Day 40 and 41 – August 11-12, 2019

I’ve walked more than half way through the⁣ PCT in the state of Oregon. It’s flatter than Washington and California so the walking is meant to be easier. I still find it hard going, dragging myself -as always- into camp for the last 5 miles. ⁣

Last night something different happened over those last 5 miles. ⁣

I was physically exhausted and had nothing else to give. So instead of pushing myself I did what I can only describe as surrendering.

I was walking through a forest. The ground under my feet was soft and covered in pine cones. I softened my gaze and took deep breaths. ⁣

The fading sun light burst through the trees. To my left was a lake that I’d get occasional glimpses of. ⁣

Day 40 by the lake

I had a sense of being outside of my body, watching the scene. And a sense of this place holding and leading me. It was a beautiful feeling. Time didn’t matter any more, nor did getting to camp. ⁣

In Living Mountain Nan Shepard talks about “walking the flesh transparent” and moments where she “walks out of her body and into the mountain”. ⁣

Such things are too wonderful for me to understand. But this is an experience I’ll treasure.

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