Day 42

PCT Diary :: Day 42 – August 13, 2019

‘On falling’⁣

Since meeting Pete at Timberline Lodge I’ve walked 245 miles away from him. But today we meet near the foot of Mount Thielsen. He’s driven these miles to join me on the trail. ⁣

I leave my heavy pack in his van so I can run the last 10 miles of the day.⁣

It feels amazing to run – I’m light and free. I pass other through hikers burdened by the heat and the weight of their packs. I relish the movement and my pace picks up. ⁣

Day 42

I see it happening in slow motion but it’s too late to stop. ⁣

My foot hits a stump of wood and I go flying. ⁣

I lie on the ground for few seconds before getting up and assessing damage. No major harm done – just a grazed elbow and knee. I’m able to run on. ⁣

At the Trail Head Pete checks my injuries and when he’s assured they’re nothing, laughter lines fold around his big brown eyes: ⁣

“I told you not to fall!”⁣


The feeling I had while I ran was worth the few cuts and bruises. ⁣


It would be crazy to fall in another sense…⁣


Yet I’m reminded of this poem: ⁣

“Come to the edge” they said. ⁣
“I can’t I’m scared”. ⁣
“Come to the edge” they said. ⁣
“I can’t. What if I fall?”⁣
“But what my darling if you fly?”

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