Crater Lake

PCT Diary :: Day 43 – August 14, 2019

Today we walked the rim trail of Crater Lake. ⁣

Her colour and depth varied hugely – a large expanse of rich velvety blue, further out a deeper shade and at the edges a turquoise-emerald green.

Crater Lake

Walking at elevation, the path kissed the edges of the lake. ⁣

It was far busier than I was used to, the sun was hot, our packs light.

Later we drove around the coast and took the steep path down to her edge.

Glorious moments were spent swimming in her cool waters – appreciating her size and beauty from this new perspective. ⁣

Crater Lake

Back at the van we gave cold beer ‘trail magic’ to some of my weary colleagues who’d walked a much longer harder day. It was a joy to see the boost that this gave Dejure, Sweet Pea, Footprint, Chris and Fluffy Bunny. I saw myself in them as their thirsty dry throats gulped down this goodness.

Crater Lake

In the evening we ate a smorgasbord of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, tortilla chips and salsa, sipping white wine at a picnic bench by the road side before sun set. ⁣

My heart feels so full. Can life get better than this?

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