Day 44

PCT Diary :: Day 44 – August 15, 2019

‘Kindness in my backpack’⁣

After a delicious picnic breakfast of toasted bagels and cheese, and coffee, it was time for Pete and I to say goodbye. ⁣

He was heading back home and I was heading back on the trail. He’d be travelling north at 70 miles per hour, me south at 2.5. He’d cover over 200 miles, I’d be lucky to make 20. ⁣

As I walked I felt a sadness and an underlying contentment. Sad to be losing the company of someone so special but grateful and full of joy at the memory of the time we’d just shared. ⁣

And I was carrying his kindness in my backpack. ⁣

Day 44 - Kindness in my backpack

It was there in the Tiger Balm he’d given me for my feet.

It was in the cheese and humus bagel I ate at my lunch stop.

And in the berry electrolyte tablets I added to my water at the river at mile 7.

And the VIA Starbucks sachet that I’ll drink tomorrow morning. ⁣

It was a long hot 20 miles with little shade. Much of it was in a large burn area from a wildfire last year. ⁣

By 8pm I found a small piece of ground in a forest just below the trail. I cowboy camped under the light of the moon, feeling sleepy and almost as full.

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