Day 45

PCT Diary :: Day 45 and 46 – August 16-17, 2019

‘My Sherona’

Yesterday and today have mostly involved hiking through Oregon’s woodland in the blazing hot sunshine. And today I passed the 900 mile mark! ⁣

There’s always beauty to be found in the walking. But the thing that has stood out for me these last couple of days is this wonderful rag-tag community of hikers that I’ve become part of. ⁣

Day 45

The trail friend I’m closest to is Trees. She’s a American in her late 20s – she’s strong, full of life and great company. ⁣

I choose to walk alone but there’s are a growing group of folks on the trail that I’d call friends. I feel known and cared for. I know if something goes wrong someone would have my back. ⁣

We are all very different – from all walks of life – yet we are united in our daily choice to walk along this narrow strip of path for a further 1750 miles. This path is our one constant. ⁣

Trail names are a tradition on the PCT and I was given mine a few weeks ago. ⁣

Most Americans on the trail struggle to pronounce my name. Rather than Shona they say ‘Shuna’. ⁣

My friend from the Isle of Skye – Dejure – suggested ‘My Sherona’ as it’s easier for folks to say. ⁣

So that’s my new name. ⁣

I love it when people ask my name because, on the hearing, they usually burst into song. Sometimes with added air guitar! ⁣

With a new name can come a new identity but I feel more ‘me’ than ever out here. ⁣

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