Mount Sasha

PCT Diary :: Day 47 – August 18, 2019

‘My best camp yet’

Last night I camped in a ‘real’ campsite – it had showers, a flushing toilet, picnic tables etc. All very nice and civilised. ⁣

Tomorrow night I’ll be in the town of Ashland, Oregon, camping in a Trail Angel’s garden. ⁣

I could have pushed on for 5 miles to get to town but Ive chosen to stop and camp here at 26 miles. I’m bursting with joy that I’ve camped here – town with all its shiny things can wait. ⁣

What a view

This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever camped.⁣

Who needs toilets, showers and picnic tables when you can get this view of Mount Shasta and Pilot Rock? ⁣

The wind is up so there are no mosquitos – sweet relief. ⁣

My body forgets it’s tiredness as I scramble up an inviting lump of rock whilst waiting for my pot to boil. I eat my vegetable tikka dinner perched on a stoney ledge, watching the sunset on Mount Sasha. She’s bathed in baby pink. ⁣

Town will be busy with food resupply, new trainer shopping, socialising with other hikers. And it will be fun. But as I lie here in my tent listening to the crickety night sounds, I’m tucked in with contentment. This is what I’ve come for. This is everything. 

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