Day 49

PCT Diary :: Day 49 – August 20, 2019

‘High 5 to be back on the Trail’

Trees and I met at Greenfield’s cafe at 8. Our plan had been to hitch back to the trailhead together. While we ate our eggs and drank coffee she spoke of her shin pain. Wisely she decided to stay another day in town. ⁣

Greenfield's Cafe

I was surprised how quickly I got a hitch. A lovely lady was taking her daughter home from cross country running. She wasn’t even going out off town but when she saw me she wanted to help. Help involved her going 30 miles out of her way. As we chatted I learned she was a Jungian doing a post grad in outdoor education (hello synchronicity!)⁣

Hitching a ride

I was buzzing by the time I got to the trailhead. Just as well as my pack was heavy with food and I had a fair climb ahead of me.⁣

I felt a lightness in my spirit, sheer joy, as I walked today. ⁣

I felt like the universe was giving me big high fives. ⁣

A high five in my new shoes and pain free feet. ⁣

A high five in the provision of a water faucet and bench where I ate my lunch. ⁣

Sodas for the hikers

A high five at mile 14 where I met 3 north bound hikers sitting drinking soda. A Trail Angel had left coolers full of soda. I enjoyed blathering with the hikers whilst drinking ginger beer. ⁣

A high five when one of the hikers said she loved my energy. ⁣

For the PCT Long Distance Hikers

And finally high fives at finding a deliciously flat and private piece of ground in a forest to camp and in eating a very satisfying mac and cheese dinner with no mosquitos.⁣

Today was a good day on the trail.

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