Day 5

PCT Diary :: Day 5 – July 8, 2019

I left the beautiful forest that sheltered me last night, again feeling strong. 

It feels too good to be true but my body doesn’t hurt. I feel as well as I’ve ever felt. As alive as I’ve ever felt. 

Some if the passes I climbed today were nearly 7000 feet high. They make Scottish mountains seem tiny. Yet so far I’m finding the walking okay. The switch backs mean I’m never gasping for breath in the way I am on brutal Scottish mountain assents. 

And navigation is pretty straight forward as I’m following a path. 

As I was walking along the crest of Methow Pass looking out on the mountain ranges encircling me I felt a surge of emotion move through me. I wanted to cry. It all felt too beautiful to be true. Could I really be here? What have I done to deserve this? 

Later I sat at Cut Throat Pass making my lunch. I looked up to see a white rugged mountain goat looking at me. For a moment I felt like I was dreaming. 

As I lay in my tent at the end of this 5th day, I still feel like I’m dreaming. But I don’t want to wake up! 

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