Day 51

PCT Diary :: Day 51 – August 22, 2019

Sunshine after the rain. Hello Seiad Valley ⁣

I awake to the rain pattering on my tent – it’s 2am. My damp shorts and shirt lay by my mattress. Reluctantly I slip them into my warm sleeping bag. The temporary discomfort will be worth it, by morning they’ll be dry from my body heat.

~ ⁣

Day 51

I wake again – this time it’s a more civilised 7am. I’m surprised to wake so late. After a coffee and a bar, I pack up, working to keep the wet, damp and dry things separate. ⁣

It’s cold and foggy. The sodden foliage feels icky on my bare legs. ⁣

A couple of hours down the trail, the sun brakes through. I feel it’s warmth on my hands, legs and face. I stop at a clearing and unpack my wet gear. It’s such a simple pleasure, drying my few possessions. But there’s a rightness, an order to it. Working with nature. ⁣

Day 51 - drying my gear in the sun

The day turns as hot as I’ve felt. It’s hard to believe I was shivering cold a few hours ago. ⁣

After filling my water at a spring I have a steep climb, then 12 miles of down hill switch backs to the small settlement of Seiad Valley. ⁣

My pack is light and I decide to run – fast packing. It feels great to move this fast – controlled falling – working with gravity rather than against it. ⁣

I arrive just before the shop shuts – in time to buy cold soda, beer and snacks. I camp in the RV park next door. It’s $15 dollars but worth it for a hot shower, toilet and laundry. Heaven. And to spend time with Dejure, Snap Pea, Dejure, Footprint, Fluffy Bunny and Nat Geo. ⁣

There’s a big hill to climb tomorrow morning but that’s tomorrow. I’ve been sustained today and that’s enough. 

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