Wedding Singer on the PCT

PCT Diary :: Day 56 – August 27, 2019

‘Twerk’s Trail Magic Party’⁣

At the end of a long hot 29 mile day I was walking into a parking lot. As approached I could see a white van with what looked like Chris and a bunch of others sitting around. David Bowie’s dulcet tomes were playing. And then: ⁣

“My Sherona! Grab a drink!”⁣

Dejure, Snap Pea, Smokey, Chris and Nate were sitting drinking beers from a cooler. They introduced me to Twerk – our Angel for the night. ⁣

Twerk the Trail Angel

Twerk offered me a drink and shared his plan for the night. He was going to cook for us, set up a disco and then screen a movie. ⁣

“Are you for real?!” I joked – struggling to take it all in. ⁣

He laughed and told me more of his story. He’s a professional photographer and walked the PCT last year, taking hiker portraits along the way. ‘Hiker Trash Vogue’ is the name of this published collection. He lives in Northern California and gets out in his van to give Trail Magic whenever he can. ⁣

Hiker Trash Vogue

The evening was amazing! We goofed around as he took our group portrait. Beer and cold drinks flowed – as did the stories and laughter. We ate from a seemingly bottomless pot of delicious pasta. The disco lights cut through the darkness. Some of us danced, some of us tired but happy to watch. Then the evening was rounded off with us tucked in our sleeping bags, laying on a tarp, watching ‘The Wedding Singer’ film projected onto a big screen. Wonderful 80s cheese. ⁣

Twerk knew the Trail. He knew what would make the perfect evening for a bunch of tired, dirty hikers. He gave his time and money to set things up – with no idea who was going to show up. Such extravagant generosity. He created an experience and memory that I’ll never forget. Beyond grateful.

Posing with the gang
Photo by Tommy Corey (Twerk). Check out his book The Hiker Trash Vogue Book

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