Day 57

PCT Diary :: Day 57 – August 28, 2019

‘A kind question⁣’

My plan for today was to walk 25 to 30 miles. Town (Dunsmuir) was only 40 miles away and I wanted to get as close as I could so I’d have a short walk in the next day.⁣

Day 57

The path led me up some high passes offering stunning views of Mount Shasta and beautiful pure lakes. I had every reason to to feel in my element but my heart just wasn’t feeling it today. ⁣

My left ankle has gotten tighter and tighter these last few weeks. The range of motion is restricted and today it throbbed. I had to keep stopping to rest it. Inertia grew. ⁣

I just wanted to be at camp, tucked up in my wee tent where I could stretch out and rest. I considered camping early but that would have meant a longer hike to town tomorrow – an unkindness for my future self. So I pressed on, feeling humourless and irritated. ⁣

A few miles before camp a petite lady walked towards me. A north bound through hiker. I stood aside to let her pass. After greeting her I was keen to move on but she blocked the path asking me questions about water sources. I felt mildly irritated until I checked myself. Water is everything! I told her what I knew and politely excused my self. ⁣

Then at camp I found an Italian couple already set up. They were super friendly. We chatted briefly. After nationalities, hike directions and trail names had been established I excused my self. ⁣

Too tired to cook, I ate cold chipotle and then cereal. All chores done I lay in my tent waiting for sleep to wash over me.⁣

The day passed before me like a film show reel. I asked a question that’s really important to me. “Have I been kind?” (to self and others) ⁣

When we are sore, tired, hungry and thirsty it’s harder to be kind to self. And therefore harder to be kind to others. ⁣

I was glad I hadn’t judged myself for my injury nor for my lack of awe. I was kind in my actions. And this made it easier to treat others well.⁣

Ultimately if I know I’ve been kind the rest doesn’t matter too much. We all have difficult days and they are to be expected on trail as much as everyday life . I’m here for it all – the highs, lows and middles!

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