Day 58 friends

PCT Diary :: Day 58 & 59 – August 29-30, 2019

‘What a difference a day makes’⁣

Fiery shock waves shot from my gut up to my head as my ankle jarred on a boulder on trail. And the gnats were everywhere, buzzing in my ears, face. One got stuck in my eye, disgusting me. ⁣

Sweating and heart racing, I was hot with anger. And my anger was laced with fear. What was wrong with my ankle? What might this mean for my journey? ⁣


“It’s what we call strain-sprain complex. I can fix it today.”⁣

Lying on the chiropractor’s coach I felt calm, safe, all together different to 24 hours ago. ⁣

Keith had been recommended to me by the lady running the hostel I was staying at in Dunsmuir. He was skilled and knowledgable and treated my injury with laser therapy and hands on work. By the end of my treatment I was nearly dancing out of the clinic. ⁣

My injury was due to the shoes I’d worn for the first 800 miles not being supportive enough. And some weird compensatory movement I’d developed. All fixable. ⁣

The injury and treatment have given me an unplanned rest day which has been a joy. Different friends have come and gone from the hostel. I’ve chatted and chilled. Resupplied my food and restauranted. ⁣

A bunch of friends are off to climb Mount Shasta tonight. In the past I’d have had FOMO but I’m very happy to rest in a real bed(!) so I’ll be fresh on trail tomorrow.⁣ (The photos are of my friends at the hostel). ⁣

Here’s to asking for help, healing and being happy for others.

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