Day 63

PCT Diary :: Day 63 – September 3, 2019

“Held together by KT tape and kindness”⁣

Help Wanted

I noticed, as packed up my tent, my ankle was stiff and sore. Thankfully I only had 16 miles to walk to the small town of Burney, but I sensed it would be a long 16. ⁣

My ankle has a strain-sprain complex that makes any lateral movement painful. The PCT path is rarely even so lateral movement is a constant, as is pain.⁣

I hobbled through the day feeling hot and despondent. I knew most of my crew were already in town. I pictured them sitting having beers, laughing. ⁣

I shed a few tears. Then told myself, “self pity be gone.” I made myself push on. Grace granted me phone signal for the last few miles and a chat to my friend lifted my spirits. ⁣

At 3pm I arrived at the road junction looking filthy and tired. In less than 5 minutes a lady pulled over, offering me a ride. Her 4 year old son chatted to me about his skate board and dinosaurs with no expectation of anything back from me. His ease and non-stop story telling filled me with joy and reminded me of dear little people at home. ⁣

They dropped me outside McDonalds and I was delight to find Trees, Ryan and Chris there. I also ‘found’ a large strawberry milkshake, Coke and fries. McD’s isn’t normally my thing but today… a few 100 calories and laughs later I felt the old Shona come back. ⁣

Take me to church

I then hiked to the amazing church that was put us all up on their games hall. After a shower I put on these sexy ‘loaner clothes’ so I could do my laundry. ⁣ ⁣

It was a lovely evening with pizza and beer but the highlight for me was the kindness of Lucky. He patiently and skilfully taped my ankle. ⁣

So a falling apart Shona is getting back on trail tomorrow held together by KT tape and the kindness of others. 

Held together by KT tape and kindness

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