Day 8 – July 11, 2019

PCT Diary :: Day 8 – July 11, 2019

PCT mile 121/2650

Today’s been hard.

Much of it was spent in forest, wading through wet bushes on either side of the trail. My socks and shoes are still wet from yesterday – as is my tent.

I crave the light and warmth of sun. To be out of this forest. Eventually after a 20 mile hike, finishing with a massive climb I make it to the Vista I chose to camp at.

Arriving exhausted, I crave gentle quietness. Yet more and more people arrive. It’s a small spot so things get cosy and it takes time for quiet to fall. I feel like I’m slowing down and my feet feel flat – like the arches are falling. Am I pushing my myself too hard by doing 20 mile days this early in the trail? Will my feet be okay? Will the trail get quieter?

Questions with no answers and nothing that a good nights sleep and time won’t sort out and make clearer.

(This post may sound negative. Please don’t worry, all is well. I just want to keep these posts real.) 

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