Day 9

PCT Diary :: Day 9 – July 12, 2019

PCT mile 142/2650

Day 9 was a killer

I crawled into camp at 6:30pm.

I ask Shaker: “What’s wrong with me? Why am I going so slowly? I think I need to reduce mileage?”

Shaker is a tall, strongly built German guy in his early 20s. “I’m knackered too. It was a hard day today,” he replies.

Later Jacob and Nicole, a young Chek couple come into camp.

“Those last 5 miles were a killer!” groans Nicola as she drops her back pack to the ground.

And my spirit leaps.

In the nicest possible way – I’m so happy they suffered too.

I find it so easy to internalise and personalise difficulty. I blame my body, my strength, my strategy. Actually it was just a really hard 21 mile day with crazy assents, gnarly river crossings and tree hopping.

No need for psychological drama!

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