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The thread running through all my life coaching offers is FREEDOM.

I’m passionate about you finding freedom from self limiting thoughts, life scripts and stuckness. I work one-to-one to help you get unstuck through my life coaching practice Unstuckfied. See more…

I can help you find freedom from unhelpful eating behaviours through group OR one-to-one coaching in Feeding Freedom. See more…

Through Trekking for Wellbeing and through my forthcoming Autumn Retreats I can help you reconnect with self and nature. These experiences can help you find clarity, peace and life direction.

secret eating coaching review testimonialBefore I coached with Shona, I felt stuck and overwhelmed by life choices. Even the smallest decision created self-doubt. 

The biggest positive change I’ve noticed is a stronger sense of determination, self belief, and self love in everything I do. 

I no longer seek to please others in ways that are harmful to myself.

Coaching with Shona is like getting a professional artist to help you redraw the map of your life. Although the map already exists, she helps you embellish and enhanced so you can create a clear path to reach your goals.

Striding forward into the next chapter of my story, I feel able to apply a ‘value-based’ lens to all of my decision making, trust my intuition and know that deep down I already have all the answers, I simply have to listen to find a solution.” 

Laura Johnston

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