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I was sceptical about Life Coaching. Surely it was for people with ‘real problems’? Not me… Well, I was wrong: Shona helped me to see that all problems are real problems but also that they can be resolved. She listened, suggested ways of seeing things in a different light and allowed me to find solutions. I got some control back into my life when it felt like it was spinning away my control. She helped me see that I was making decisions that could allow my self-confidence to spiral down and as a result, I moved forward through a potentially damaging episode in my life. Since our first meetings, I have had occasional setbacks but they didn’t drag me back down because I remembered our conversations and insights. I feel more reflective and therefore more resilient and ready to face whatever lies ahead.

~ Andy (no longer a sceptic), Beauly

One to One Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck and want to get more out of life?

Through one to one life coaching we can work out what’s holding you back and making you feel stuck.

I work with you to help you to understand your own mind and thinking. We work on any thoughts and beliefs that are limiting you and holding you back. I can also help you to get clearer on your values and your dreams so you know where you are heading. You can move towards freedom and the life you dare to dream of.

Life coaching takes hard work and courage but what’s more important to invest in than your own ‘wild and precious life’?

I offer Life Coaching by Skype/FaceTime or, if you live near Inverness, in person. A session lasts 60 minutes.

M Wallace

Moira Wallace

“I needed to find my focus.  Working with Shona helped my realise my values and work towards them rather than away from them. We used different frameworks to identify the changes I wanted to make and I found my focus on what was really important to me. 

Shona has an upbeat, gentle positive approach to life coaching.”


Ideally I like to work with you for for at least 3 months. We speak every second week for 3 months. I’ll send you a summary of our session and ‘homework’ for the week between our sessions. Additional email support between sessions is available (see coaching agreement).

This investment is £300 for 3 months if paid in one instalment – or 3 monthly payments of £105.


Another option is to coach with me for 6 weeks. We’d meet every second week, so three 60 minute meets in total spread over the 6 weeks. Plus, additional email support between sessions and a short summary of each session.

This investment is £160.


If you feel you need to work on something for a more concentrated period of time – for example following a break up or loss of job – I offer a 4 weekly package where we would meet/ talk weekly.

This is an investment of £200.

Susan Fraser

Susan Fraser

“Asking Shona for help with weight loss really has changed my life. After our first meeting, Shona quickly identified the reasons for me struggling to shift weight, despite eating healthily. Within a week or two, following her advice, I was seeing results. And they continued. No faddy diet, no crazy exercise regime. Before meeting with Shona, I had been attempting the Couch to 5k programme on and off for 2 years. With Shona’s encouragement, not only did I complete my first 5k (without stopping), but also ran my first 10k with her. Something I never imagined possible 18 months ago. I’ve never felt better! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shona’s services to anyone seeking help. Through her knowledge of nutrition and exercise, and her own experiences with managing weight, I can’t imagine anyone not getting results following her advice. Shona is very professional and is serious about helping people, but is also a very fun, interesting, inspirational lady to be around.”

“Before I coached with Shona, I felt like I was broken and unfixable. I hesitated to book coaching because I didn’t think I ever could ever feel ‘normal’. Coaching with Shona is like meeting a friend who has no judgement. She gives you ideas, points of view, techniques, and science based facts (which I liked) to help slowly change your thoughts to the ones you would love to have instead. Things didn’t change for me overnight. I worked hard and did ‘homework’ and practised thinking the new thoughts and ideas in between sessions. Since we’ve worked together I’ve come to believe that others can truthfully like me for who I am. I now feeling my feelings instead of hiding or masking them. I’ve more control over myself and am so much more confident, I am working towards my goals and values in life because I now know I am worthy. I’ve managed to find a girlfriend which I would never have able to without the confidence I had from tackling my problems and seeing the world from a new point of view. I feel totally ready and excited to tackle my new life.”

~ Sally, Highlands

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Trekking for Wellbeing

I’ve experience huge healing and happiness through walking and camping in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. I’ve teamed up with a wonderful family business, Cairngorm Treks to run women only 3 day 2 night wild camping treks. I will be there as a friendly presence with life coaching skills and Cairngorm Treks will be there to guide us.

We have just added new dates for 2018. Find out more here.

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A brand new coaching programme for secret eaters.

Find out more and sign up here.

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