A one to one coaching package for
people who secret eat* & want to change.

  • Feeding Freedom is an online coaching programme that will help you loosen the hold that secret eating has on you by bringing it into the light.
  • It will help you understand why you secret eat and and will give you 2 main goals to lead you into transformation.
  • It will help you stop fighting with yourself. Learning to both accept that your eating won’t be perfect AND to commit to nourishing yourself on your terms.

**When I use the term ‘secret eating’ I mean you eat in private when you are not physically hungry. You may refer to this as binge eating or over eating. You feel guilt or shame after the episode. If you purge after this behaviour I’m not qualified to work with you and would recommend medical support.

I signed up for Feeding Freedom because I felt hopeless, alone, greedy and addicted to food.

Through the course I’ve learnt to dismiss urges and I’ve also changed my thinking towards myself. I feel I have tools to help me control my secret eating better. I feel hope.

Therasa, 40, (name changed for confidentiallity).

  • You secret eat* & you feel shame about this.
  • You are tired… Tired of having to keep this a secret and tired of yourself.
  • You feel alone - like your damaged in some way - like you have a problem that can’t be fixed.
  • You’ve tried various diets and programmes but nothing is working. You feel you just need to ‘try harder’ – yet somehow you can never get there.
  • You want to break this habit and to find freedom.
  • You are prepared to work hard and engage in this course for 6 weeks. This will require an hour a week minimum.

I wasn’t sure about this course as I’ve struggled with this issue since my teens. I didn't believe I could change.

Since I have completed the course I have been able to put the weighing scales away.

I’ve had a few indulgent days with food but not spiralled out of control; have been able to use the idea that the desire to eat is just an idea that doesn't have to be acted on. 

I now believe I can change this habit of a lifetime. 

Since completed Feeding Freedom I have insight into why I link food to my emotions. I have strategies that allow me to challenge and intervene with these lifetime habits.

Shona's non-judgemental, supportive environment allowed me to have this 'conversation' with myself that I would otherwise not have been able to do.

Liz, 55, (name changed for confidentiallity).

Before Feeding Freedom I felt like I couldn't tame that drive to overeat so I felt fearful about the future and carried a lot of shame about my body and eating.

 I was worried about spending money on another thing that wouldn't work and then feeling rubbish about it! (I was wrong, it's been amazing).

 Since the course I’ve been able to ignore binge urges without drama! 

 I'm starting to see my body less as an undetonated bomb or wild animal and increasingly more like a safe place to call home.

Sally, 34, (name changed for confidentiallity.)

I haven’t secret eaten since the course - and I’m more able to allow myself treats. I’m able to manage the impulse secret eats – i.e. when I’m at the petrol station/newsagents etc.

I feel more able to manage my feelings without secret eating.

Martha, 37, (name changed for confidentiallity).

What is Feeding Freedom?

Feeding Freedom is a ‘one-to-one’ coaching package for anyone who wants to end secret / binge / emotional eating.  

Secret eating / binge / emotional eating habits are complicated and multifactorial, therefore this programme includes different approaches and perspectives that have proven effective.  Working one to one I’m able to tailor support to your needs.

The coaching programme is both information based and experiential. To bring about transformational change, knowledge is not enough – you need to experiment and practice using the knowledge. Coaching with me is a safe and confidential space for you to learn and to practice new ways of thinking and being.

  • We will have One to One coaching calls on Facebook Video, Skype or Facetime, lasting one hour, every second week for 3 months (there is flexibility on the timing).
  • During calls I will both listen and coach you so you can learn how to make changes to this problematic eating habit.
  • After each call I'll send you an email with a written summary of our session.
  • You’ll receive a email package from me every second week with your content and reflective homework to help you find freedom from your habit. The package contains materials in both video & written word to suit your learning style. There are tools and workbook exercises.
  • You have email access to me throughout the time we work together.

Feeding Freedom Email Package Content

  • Session 1

    You are not a problem. Why you binge. Guilt and shame.

  • Session 2

    Your beautiful and complicated brain.

  • Session 3

    You are not your thoughts.

  • Session 4

    I deserve to be well nourished in my body.

  • Session 5

    Eat adequately, diets, treats and non-food nourishment.

  • Session 6

    Why is it so hard? The self-coaching model.

  • Bonus Material

    • Revision of all the tools we’ve covered.
    • Thoughts 101.
    • Shaping your environment, night eating, alcohol and non-dieting.

I was ashamed and lonely - now I'm feel neither of these things. 

I refer to the materials and use these often. I practice daily working towards my values in order to provide myself with less opportunity to secret eat & binge & to remember I’m in control. 

I’m consciously making improvements to support myself away from the secret eating with your help and support. The empathy and support from the group was never anything I've felt before, I've always felt so uncomfortable, like no one would ever understand.

So I'm still on the journey, I think I always will be. I feel for the first time in a long time, I've really shifted in this habit.

Claire, 32, (name changed for confidentiallity).

- Esther, Derby

Life After Feeding Freedom

Think of all the headspace your secret eating takes up.

Does it feel possible to imagine life without a secret eating habit? What would you do with the new sense of clarity, freedom and energy that emerge?

~ Book on to that degree course you’ve been dreaming about

~ Blow the dust of your bike and hit the road

~ Sign up for that salsa class

~ Book that big trip you’ve always wanted

~ Savour a dinner out, including drinks and desert with joy and no apologies


The cost of your investment in Feeding Freedom is £300
if paid in
one sum or £105 if paid monthly.

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Meet Your Coach...

I’m Shona, I’m a qualified life coach and a former secret eater.

I’m passionate about supporting you to break free from this life crushing habit so that you can have the freedom to live a life of freedom and of nourishment.

Having broken free from secret eating myself I know that change is possible. This fires me up in this work. Once your eating is normalised you have unwritten new and exciting chapters in your life. This has been my experience and I’d love it to be yours!