Feeding Freedom


A group coaching programme to lead you out of secret eating

  • Feeding Freedom is a group coaching programme that will help you loosen the hold that secret eating has on you by bringing it into the light.
  • It will help you understand why you secret eat and and will give you 2 main goals to lead you into transformation.
  • It will help you stop fighting with yourself. Learning to both accept that your eating won’t be perfect AND to commit to nourishing yourself on your terms.
  • Find out more here.

When does the next programme start?

I run this programme twice a year. The next group will be in October, 2018.

Contact me here to be on the early bird list for the October intake.

If you’d like some coaching around your eating habits sooner see Feeding Freedom One-to-One below.

One to One Feeding Freedom Coaching 

  • One-to-One support to loosen the hold that secret eating, over eating or diets have on you. 
  • 6 One-to-One sessions over 3 months (in person or via Skype or Facetime).
  • Worksheets to help you implement your learning throughout the 3 months.

Price and how to find out more: 

 This investment is £300 for 3 months if paid in one instalment – or 3 monthly payments of £105. To sign up or to arrange an informal chat contact me here.


“Asking Shona for help with weight loss really has changed my life.

After our first meeting, Shona quickly identified the reasons for me struggling to shift weight, despite eating healthily. Within a week or two, following her advice, I was seeing results. And they continued. No faddy diet, no crazy exercise regime. 

With Shona’s encouragement, not only did I complete my first 5k (without stopping), but also ran my first 10k with her.  I’ve never felt better! 

Shona is very professional and is serious about helping people, but is also a very fun, interesting, inspirational lady to be around.”

Susan Fraser

I signed up for Feeding Freedom because I felt hopeless, alone, greedy and addicted to food.

Through the course I’ve learnt to dismiss urges and I’ve also changed my thinking towards myself. I feel I have tools to help me control my secret eating better. I feel hope.” 

Theresa, 40
(name changed for confidentiality)

I was ashamed and lonely – now I’m feel neither of these things. 

I refer to the materials and use these often. I practice daily working towards my values in order to provide myself with less opportunity to secret eat & binge & to remember I’m in control. 

I’m consciously making improvements to support myself away from the secret eating with your help and support. The empathy and support from the group was never anything I’ve felt before, I’ve always felt so uncomfortable, like no one would ever understand.

So I’m still on the journey, I think I always will be. I feel for the first time in a long time, I’ve really shifted in this habit.

Claire, 32
(name changed for confidentiality)

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