Make time to get to the heart of what's standing between you and your clutter.

Find clarity and freedom through our 'Mind Over Clutter' workshop.

Saturday 26th January, 2019

10am to 3pm at the Culduthel Christian Centre, Inverness

“My clutter is too overwhelming - I don't know where to start!”

“I don't have time to declutter.”

“I can't get rid of things - I'm too attached to them.”

“What if I need it in the future?”

The decluttering barriers of overwhelm, time, attachment, 'what if' and guilt all stem from the way we think.

When we notice how these thoughts hold us back, we can work to change them. Working on our mind-set moves us from inertia to action.

If you feel frustrated, too busy, stressed, burdened and in a guddle with clutter then this workshop is for you.

The Workshop and support...

We will help you identify your mind-set barriers to decluttering.  We will cover the 5 main barriers:  overwhelm, time, attachment, ‘what if’ and guilt.

You will receive practical advice, information and take part in exercises to help you find practical ways to overcome these mind-set barriers. You will have time to both reflect on the information given, and to create an action plan.

You will be in a supportive group with like minded people. Our last workshop participants commented that they found others in the group very helpful. They also fed back that the workshop was too short so we’ve built more time and a lunch into the day.

After the workshop, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask questions and find motivation from your workshop mates.

You will come away from the workshop with a new way of looking and thinking about your clutter and with a realistic action plan.

We will provide teas and coffees and a light lunch. (Please let us know of any dietary preferences at time of booking).

When coaching there is always work to do, both during the sessions and in between, but Shona's ability to really listen and help you see a way forward will make it worth it. I feel so much more positive and more able to be kind to myself!

Donna, London

Why did we create this Workshop?

Your coaches are Shona Macpherson and Jodi Sharpe:

I chose to create this offer because of the freedom that decluttering has given me!

When Jodi worked with me to declutter my house a year ago it felt like a weight was taken of my shoulders.

My house wasn't terrible but there were areas where stuff was messy and pilling up and I didn't know where or how to start. Now my life feels so much simpler and clearer. I want this for others!

The topics explored in this workshop really dig down to the heart of our issues with clutter.

Many of the people I have worked with over the last 2 years (including myself!) have struggled with at least 1 of these areas, usually more!

I’ve noticed that when focus and time is given over to these matters positive change flows and becomes achievable.

Jodi has given me a new systematic approach to sorting, clearing and keeping my space in working order. If you're looking for inspiration to get the job done do not hesitate to contact her.

Nancy, Ardesier

Who are your coaches?

Shona Macpherson

I’m Shona Macpherson, I’m a life coach, a blogger and an outdoor lover.

I coach humans who want to move from feeling stuck in life, to finding freedom.

I’ve had a varied career before becoming a life coach. I’ve worked as a nurse, a counsellor, an aid worker, a charity project manager, a support worker at a women’s refuge and as a personal trainer. These roles all involved helping others and they reflect my own searching for freedom and meaning.

I’m dreaming of living in a Tiny House and am trying to make this dream happen. I love travelling and living light.

Find out more on my website here:

Jodi Sharpe

And I’m Jodi Sharpe – the only professional declutterer up here in the North of Scotland.

I love to work with those craving LESS stuff, better order and MORE time to do the things they really want to.

I’m a practical, down to earth, outdoorsy mum of 2 kids and a spaniel with a strong environmental streak.

I am a work in progress when it comes to blending and balancing the competing elements of modern life.  I feel it is this that provides me with a great understanding of the challenges we all face in striving to achieve a more organised home.

Find out more on my website here:

Why us?

"As a coach I have a passion to help people find and change thoughts and stories that are holding them back from freedom. I've knowledge and practical experience in helping clients to find true or truer thoughts. I'm also passionate about living simply with minimal clutter. Although far from perfect I seek to walk the talk!" - Shona

"I share Shona's passion for living simply and authentically. With my practical background of assisting people to breakthrough their clutter problems I feel we compliment each other wonderfully." - Jodi

Jodi helped me de-clutter and organise my kitchen after 10 years of build up. The system was very easy and Jodi was lovely, eased my anxiety and explained things really well. I have so much space now it's amazing!

Ashley, Inverness

Why should you come?

The decluttering barriers of overwhelm, time, attachment, 'what if' and guilt all stem from the way you think.

By becoming aware of these thoughts and how they are holding you back, you can change them into thoughts that lead you into action.

We ran our first of these workshops last year and it was hugely successful. We’ve built on the feedback to make it even better.

Here’s some feedback from our last workshop:

The workshop simplified the procedure and helped me stop beating myself up!

The workshop felt like a moment of sanity in a crazy world!

Having two personal coaches on tap – an amazing experience! I understand more fully my barriers to decluttering and have made pratical and realistic steps to declutter.

This workshop was a breath of fresh air!

Have a read of what some of the ladies from the last course are saying in their private Facebook group:

“Delighted that kitchen and hall cupboard are done. Now started on my bedroom.”
(Maureen Macleod).

“First ‘chunk’ done! And it couldn’t have taken more than half an hour.”
(Fiona Strachan)

“Giving myself a pat on the back. Said I would do an hour in the bedroom today. This is what I’ve achieved in just over the hour. Have mentally divided bedroom into 3 sections so one down two to go.”
(Betty-Ann Lawrance)

“Been busy with work this week but am doing a little bit a day - really enjoying it & getting lots out of it.”
(Sarah Gear)

What happens when I sign up?

This workshop costs £55, including drinks and a light lunch.

When you click Buy Now you will be taken to our Go Cardless sales page where you can make your  payment.

On receipt of you payment you will receive an acknowledgement message.

If you experience any technical difficulties please email Shona at


Why would this work for me when nothing else has?

Transformation comes not from absorbing information but from reflection on it and having actionable steps to take. This workshop builds in time for reflection and the Facebook group after the workshop provides further support and accountability.

What if I'm an impossible case? 

We believe that no one is a lost cause! We will work with you to try and understand your barriers and help you find a way around them.

My problem isn't my thinking it's other people who are making a mess in my house - will this workshop help me? 

No, this workshop doesn't cover how to deal with other people's mess in your household. This may be a theme of a future workshop if there's a demand.

Book now while places are available!