Clarity comes in space and experience outside of routine and familiarity

The Unstuckifed Retreat is a 4-day retreat for 12 women

Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May, 2020   Caithnesshire, Scottish Highlands

The Unstuckifed Retreat is a 4-day retreat for 12 women.

Let the beauty of the outdoors centre and inspire you.

Have time to slow down, gently move and explore your body and mind in outdoor and indoor settings.

Let thoughtful life and movement coaching & spending time in the outdoors enable you to think, feel and imagine in new ways. 

Give yourself space and permission to be cared for and for your needs to be met.

Let this space be a catalyst for you to find clarity for future plans and on who you are becoming.

Be surprised by what unfolds for you in this special space.

Life’s okay. Despite this, you know you’ve more potential than you are living right now.

It’s hard to find clarity in the routine and the gentle ruts of your everyday.

Perhaps lack of time, space or circumstances are hindering you from finding out about how to move from ‘what is’ to ‘who and what' you are becoming.

We believe clarity comes in the spaces and experiences outside of routine and familiarity.

So, Lindsay and I have lovingly created this retreat.

We want you to have access to a beautiful space where you don’t need to think about day to day things like food, looking after others and what to do.

We want to lead you on a gentle journey towards greater clarity.

For once, YOU will be looked after.

Our intention is that you will leave with:




A deeper connection with your body



Openness to new possibilities

The Retreat

This is a 4-day retreat in a beautiful stately home in Caithnesshire, Scottish Highlands.

It’s for 12 women.

It will run Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May, 2020.

You’ll be welcomed on Friday afternoon.

There will be plenty of time to unpack, wander around the beautiful grounds of Forse House in their late spring glory, put on your comfy clothes and settle in before our welcome dinner and opening session.

Our programme will include daily outdoor practices of body movement, connecting with place and journaling.

Our workshop and activity focus will be on thoughts, values, imagination and mind-body connection, through gentle yoga-based practices.

We will have a guided walk and evening activities. All your senses will be fully engaged.

We provide freedom within structure. All activities are 100% optional. The most important thing is that you get YOUR needs met.

There’s no need to please anyone else.

Laughter and fun are high on our priorities for this retreat too! We’ve built in plenty time for relaxation, exploration, contemplation and conversation.

We’ll encourage you, as much as possible, to have a digital detox, so only to use your phone for checking in at home or in emergencies.

You’ll have the opportunity to book a one-to-one 30-minute coaching session with Shona or relaxing massage treatment with Lindsay.

On Monday morning, we’ll have a final session and closing ceremony and we’ll say our goodbyes after brunch, ending by midday.

It really surpassed all my expectations. Was something totally out of my comfort zone – or so I thought. I felt so comfortable with all the lovely people around me. It was just what I needed.  Give yourself the opportunity to slow down and get back to you.

Shona Ballantyne

The House

We’ll have the run of Forse House, a beautiful listed Country House.

Having a beautiful indoor and outdoor space is really important to us –  and the minute we visited Forse House our hearts sung!

It’s set within 24 acres of landscaped grounds, which includes lawns, walled garden, woodland and the picturesque stream. We’re only a short distance from the coast so you can walk on the beach if you desire. The grounds are yours to walk at any time.

We’ll have sole use of 3 beautiful roomy lounges during our stay. One lounge will be a designated ‘quiet room’ so you can sit here and read, journal or just be, without feeling the need to make conversation.

The owners, Forse of Nature, are a family-run business, who have an underlying ethos: “keeping it simple, sustainable and affordable”.

Lynn and her family will cater for us during our stay. Their daughter Ellie is a Countryside Ranger and she will assist us with her skills and local knowledge on the retreat.

As well as the house itself, the area around Forse is steeped in history going as far back as prehistoric settlers over 3,000 years ago.

The Rooms

The majority of the accommodation is on a sharing basis. There are 2 large bright rooms, each with 5 single beds. All bedding and towels are provided.

For an extra fee, there are single room options.

The Food

Forse for Nature will cater for our every culinary need. Their home-bakes and scones are worth the fees alone, reason in themselves to travel from far and wide.

They’re passionate about delicious homemade and local, sustainable, or free-trade sourced foods.

Do let us know at the time of booking of any dietary needs or preferences you have.

If you need some space to reflect and get unstuck this is it.

While breathing in lung-fulls of fresh Caithness air you get to unwind and laugh, eat delicious food with incredible women and thoughtful and fun leaders.

All for excellent value – such a great investment in yourself.

Shauna Reid

Your Retreat Hosts

Shona Macpherson

I’m a life coach, blogger, personal trainer and outdoor lover. I’m passionate about our potential and the importance of living lives aligned with our values. My coaching niche is helping people find freedom by getting unstuck from following inherited life scripts; limiting thoughts and behaviours.

I’ve dreamed about creating a beautiful space for women to come together for years - and running this retreat is bringing that dream into reality.  And I want the same for you. I want you to use this as a space to dream.

I’m so excited to create and hold this space for you. When you bring together kind intentions, careful planning, beauty and nature only good things can happen!

Lindsay Warrack

I’m delighted that Lindsay is returning to co-hosting this retreat with me.

Lindsay has a background in yoga, remedial massage therapy and a great love of the natural environment and spending time outdoors. She is a firm believer that gentle, quality movement and connecting with the natural world around us is integral to holistic health and wellbeing.

As a yoga and body movement coach and massage therapist, she loves to encourage people to develop and explore the connection between their minds and bodies, helping them gain a better understanding of their inner landscape. 

She is one of the kindest people I know, and she embodies her kindness in her work. Many people go through life feeling disconnected from and speaking unkindly to their bodies. Lindsay’s work, including massage, helps people to connect with and accept themselves.

This is my first experience of such a weekend / retreat and I have not been disappointed!

I’ve found it was amazingly attuned to what I needed at this time in my life.

So encouraging, well prepared and designed.

I particularly loved doing the vision board: It’s great to see in front of me what makes me sing. I don’t believe I would have given myself the permission, freedom or inspiration to ask what I really wanted.

Moira Mackenzie

unstuckified retreat invitation to read

You are officially invited

The Dates
22nd - 25th May, 2020

The Location
Forse House, Latheron, Caithness, KW5 6DG

The Prices
Investment from £425
The price includes all accommodation, all meals and workshop materials.

This is an intimate retreat for just 12 women.
You can secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit of £100.

Included in the cost of your retreat is a a one-to-one 30-minute coaching session with Shona or relaxing massage treatment with Lindsay. You will have the opportunity to book a time for this during our first session.


Click the button above to secure your place with a £100 deposit. You will then be directed to a form asking about your room preferences and if you'd like to pay in one to three installments. 

The thing that has stayed with me from our coaching is the beauty of conclusions made, the healing that took place, the feeling that we were being held by you. The gentleness and the natural way the sessions took place.

Lisa, Inverness


How do I get to the retreat?

Forse House is located close to the north coast of Scotland within the county of Caithness on the A99 for Wick.

If you are travelling from the South, first get to Inverness (train, drive, flight).

From Inverness, the easiest way to get to Forse House is to get the X99 bus which runs from Inverness to Wick. It will stop at the end of the drive on request. (Forse House is 1-mile past Latheron Junction so you can warn the driver). The bus takes about 2 hours 20 mins and driving takes about 2 hours.

We will also set up a private Facebook Group before the retreat so you can ‘meet’ other participants and possibly look at car sharing.

What happens if I can’t come or change my mind?

Please register mindfully as your deposit is you indicating your commitment to attend. Your retreat place is transferable but not refundable. This means you can gift or sell your spot to someone else.

What should I bring and wear?

Bring anything you feel comfortable and relaxed in. Being chilled is the name of the game! But also, please take a waterproof jacket and boots so that you will be comfortable outside. The house will be warm and cosy.

I’m not sure about sharing a room with 4 others!

There are a few options for single or sharing with just one other so let me know at time of booking. But also, it could be fun to share (and will be cheaper for you) and there is a quiet lounge that you can retreat to at any time.

It all sounds great but I’m not sure if I’m stuck!

If something about this retreat is making you go ‘yes’ then tune into that and feel very welcome.


Lindsay and I can’t wait to retreat with you! Please don’t hesitate to message with any questions! 

Shona x