Parcel at the Kracker Barrell Store
Mile 357/2650 (17.5 miles). ⁣ Last night was hard. I was so irritated from bites that I clawed at my
Knifes Edge Pass
Mile 378/2650 (21 miles) ⁣ ‘Goat Rock Awe’ It was still dark at 5:30 am when I left my camp
Mile 408/2650 (30 today) ⁣⁣ Another early start; I unzip my tent door to be reminded that I’m camped in
Day 24
Mile 434/2650 (26 today) ‘Mornings’ The dark sky has an emerging dusky pink glow, with silhouettes of trees and Mount
Day 25
Mile 461/2650 (27 today) ‘Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love.’⁣⁣ The path of the PCT is about a foot wide.
Day 26
Mile 490/2650 (30 today)⁣ ‘People power’⁣ I’m only 45 miles from town so I’m keen to walk as many miles
Day 27
Mile 505 (15 today) Cascade Locks. Good bye Washington – hello Oregon  Today’s important. My last day walking in Washington.
Day 29
Cascade Locks to mile 531. (25 today) ⁣ ‘Dancing Strip the Willow down the night PCT’’.⁣ Sweat steams down my
Day 30
Mile 531 to Timberline Lodge, mile 555. (25 miles). ⁣ Dancing Under The Stars⁣ Timberline Lodge is a high end
Day 31
Timberline Lodge to mile 583 (28 miles)⁣ ‘Breakfast at Timberline⁣ Lodge’ At 7:30am a bunch of scruffy hikers emerged in
Olallie Lake
Mile 583 to Olallie Lake Resort (24 miles) ⁣ ‘From despair to cold drinks’ ⁣ Today, for the first time
Day 33
Olallie Lake Resort to Mount Jefferson view point (26 miles) ‘Pants and trail magic’ ⁣ I started walking in the

On 1st July 2019 I left the comfort and safety of my UK life to fly to Seattle. After a busy couple of days there sorting out my food supplies, started my Pacific Crest Trail hike on the 4th of July.

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2650 mile long distance walking trail across the U.S.A.

I’m hiked south bound, starting at the Canadian Border – walking through the States of Washington, Oregon and California – until I reached the Mexican Border.

I carried all my kit and camping gear. I passed through towns about once a week to pick up food resupply, shower, charge my phone etc.

It took me just under 5 months, so I finished in late November 2019.

Why did I do this? 

Four years ago, as I approached a significant birthday, I admitted to myself that I wasn’t living the life and adventures I’d dreamed off.

I’d been waiting for my circumstances to change but changing they were not.

I decided it was time to stop putting my life on hold. And I tentatively started having adventures on my own. Each year I’ve got a bit bolder and braver:

2016 Outer Hebrides cycle

2017 North Coast 500 cycle

2018 Cape Wrath Trail

I hiked the  Pacific Crest Trail because the idea of spending 5 months walking in nature – in dramatic beauty – felt like a dream. I knew it will be hard. So hard that I’d want to quit many times. But I also knew that I’d love it and be changed by it.

mikey's lineI’m so, so happy to have been able to raise money for Mikey’s Line & The Hive Project as I walked the PCT.

They work to:

  • Help fight the Highland wide problem of chronic loneliness
  • Provide a light in the dark for those in the depths of depression
  • Offer a distraction from thoughts leaning towards self-harm
  • Tackle head on the staggering rate of suicide in the Highlands.

I aimed to raise £4000 and have exceeded this target – thank you! The money will go towards opening a ‘satellite’ Hive Thurso and also to taking mindset skills into primary schools. If you feel so inclined and are in a position to do so, please consider donating.